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claimed must do
======= =======
xxx - gameinfo.dat for etmain is borked
xxx - bounds checking run
xxx - Command map has some really bizarre problem related to classes
(when players are in PVS, iirc.) I need to look at this
and add details to this todo item.
xxx - vc project files use multithread flags (/MT,/MTd)
they should use singlecaded flags (/ML,/MLd) instead
is this due to curl? if so, curl needs to be singlethreaded too.
zinx xxx - switch to libcurl (for linux at least, win32 needs work)
libcurl now sets http referer on downloads ("ET://serverip:port")
bani xxx - engine eats // on commandline
etmain 003 - (djbob)players waiting for revive dropped for inactivity
etmain 006 - (djbob)silent plants next to constructibles exploit
etmain 013 - (djbob)bug with long names not allowing a client to vote kick from menu
etmain 056 - (djbob)can't kick players who's names are only a number
etmain 077 - friendly fire is inverted (?) - fixed in etmain according to rain?
bani 105 - (rain)end of round ready should not wait on spectators
bani 173 - print vote string to console when vote is called
bani 230 - (rain)Garand/K43 ammo exploit
bani 247 - (rain)intermission ready is broken
bani 326 - (rain)free ammo via spectators exploit
zinx 342 - prone bug -> invisible player ( prone into wall )
bani 345 - (zinx)Medic viewlocking will sometimes snap to non-medics
bani 377 - (rain)limbo'd players can crash servers via following carriers and disconnecting
bani 433 - (rain)oversize servercommands crash client
zinx 508 - if CS_SYSTEMINFO exceeds 1024 it will truncated on map change
zinx 562 - distancefalloff bug
zinx 727 - setu ch crashes server
bani xxx - (rain)cg_errordecay exploit
bani xxx - covops landmine spotting was broken
bani xxx - knife isnt antilagged
bani xxx - prevent shooting ourselves in the head when prone, firing through a breakable
bani xxx - clients can /userinfo and nuke their userinfo from console (among other things)
bani xxx - (rain)client disconnect reasons are corrupted
bani xxx - (rain)fixed mg42s arent antilagged
bani xxx - riflegrenade-through-teamdoor exploit
bani 113 - g_{axies,allies}mapxp overflows and crashes the server
bani 470 - (zinx)static mg42s don't hurt props
bani 402 - (zinx)'complaint dismissed' when player disconnects
bani 102 - (rain)maxlives adjuster misbehaves on timelimit 0
bani xxx - (rain)"Killed by <name>" in endround scoreboard (from quake3)
bani xxx - (rain)remove cg_specswing (does nothing)
bani xxx - (rain)crosshair names randomly dont work (tunnels in oasis, crypt in resurrection)
bani 424 - (zinx)client loses prone state after packet loss
bani xxx - winning team is cheated of a win when they eliminate opposition <3 sec before round end, and then die themselves
bani 444 - lms doesnt always end when a team is eliminated
bani 447 - (fretn)switching weapon during pause shouldn't be possible
bani 081 - (rain)akimbo weapons and deployed mobile MG42 ignore cg_autoreload
bani 079 - In Fuel Dump you can plant dynamite and it says "base fortification", but destroys Fuel Dump.
bani 202 - (rain)pmove and game disagree about weapon charge usage
bani 309 - (rain)weird radar dynamite bug (both sides can plant dynamite near the truck for no apparent reason, and get XP for defusing it)
bani 384 - (rain)When all of your team's mines are in use, you can't disarm enemy landmines
bani 471 - (rain)team landmine count is wrong (you can plant 11 by triggering 10th and planting 11th) and borks defusing team landmines)
bani 560 - dynamite mis-announcements (announcement planting dynamite near barrier 2, but it doesnt get destroyed)
bani 512 - players can block dynamite from destroying constructible objectives
bani xxx - (rain)LMS sometimes wont show who drew first blood
bani xxx - (rain)LMS sometimes wont show how many wins each team has
bani xxx - (rain)players who connect after a vote is called get stuck with a vote on their screen through the whole round
bani 179 - (rain)spectator/limbo cameras slowly 'drift'
bani xxx - download redirection notices print repeatedly in engine
bani xxx - "//" bug?
zinx xxx - security hole allowing clients to override ip (eg setu IP localhost to bypass server passwords)
bani xxx - zoom exploit (
etmain xxx - "noammo" click when dropping satchel/landmine/dynamite
bani xxx - (rain)luger has greater spread than colt
bani 275 - (rain)pistol pauses on last shot
bani 127 - cg_draw2D shouldn't be cheat protected
bani 255 - (rain)akimbo rapid fire exploit
rain xxx - if hostname is exactly 21 chars long with a period in position 9, it was treated as ipx
rain xxx - Fixed the overflow when more than MAX_GLOBAL_SERVERS are returned from the master.
rain xxx - Fixed sign extension bug in console code that caused high ascii characters in the console to be displayed in the wrong color.
rain 197 - artillery markers not properly drawn on compass
rain xxx - some keys don't work properly (basically, merge my into the engine) (linux)
bani 735 - CG_SHUTDOWN not called on /quit
bani xxx - Sys_IsLANAddress is broken (classful nets were abandoned ~10 years ago)
fretn xxx - fixed Win32 console key (²) appearing into console after opening it (only for non US keyboards)
fretn xxx - make clc_demorecording visible to cgame - CVAR_ROM -> cl_demorecording
fretn 733 - (rain)'MODS' menu (UI code is still all there, just needs menu)
fretn xxx - when PERS_HWEAPON_USE the engine blocked the update of usercmd_t, which can be annoying for mods, I changed this code and moved it to pmove_fixed.c
bani xxx - move demo recording status entirely to cgame \o/
bani 015 - (bani,rain)battery bunker should autoselect spawnpoint when captured
zinx xxx - crash renderer with too many stretchpics
zinx 282 - falling bugfix
bani 150 - timestamps in logs are fixed width and get truncated
bani 535 - antilag is busted (server frames, delag headshots)
bani 212 - (rain)players randomly thrown to spectator upon attaining level 4 skills
zinx xxx - arnout: "BTW, did you fix the bug that prevents models from being rendered in the FUI?
There are two lines of code that needs swapping iirc
Been a while since I looked at it, it's easy to reproduce though,
just setup a refdef in the ui module and render a model in it.
Some mods do that (Urban Terror, ETF etc) - at least, in their q3 versions."
fretn xxx - fixed hardcoded s_khz in win32
bani xxx - remove unneeded memsets
bani xxx - NET_OutOfBandData,NET_OutOfBandPbPacket bugfix
bani xxx - minor huffman optimizations to Huff_putBit,Huff_getBit,add_bit,get_bit
fretn xxx - wavefile recording, wav_record / wav_stoprecord, or set cl_wavefilerecord 1 to start recording from the moment the demo
is loaded.
bani xxx - (rain)tracemap generation is broken
(tracemap generation code which breaks when there's a flat plane at lowest point in a map)
ttimo 571 - MAX_GLOBAL_SERVERS is 2048 (the master has > 2048 but the client cant get them all because of hardcoded limit, causing client crashes)
needs testing!
zinx xxx - in_dgamouse 2 to kill built-in acceleration (linux)
bani 166 - (rain)jump prediction is wrong quite often due to broken anti-bunnyhop
bani 405 - (rain)doubled events fixed
bani xxx - (rain)pistol prediction fixed
bani xxx - (rain)fix fps dependency of mg42s
bani xxx - wavefile recording _really_ works now.
rain 202 - fix level 3 engineering taking wrong charge for landmines
rain 202 - fix field ops using medic charge time for ammo packs
rain xxx - fix prediction error when cratering
bani 215 - (rain)don't allow binocs with mounted mobile MG42/mortar
bani 218 - (rain)satchel detonator not working right when spectating
bani xxx - (rain)Fix the annoying prediction error that occurs when a constructible is finished building.
zinx 225 - configstring > max_configstrings
zinx xxx - raw binary channel for client<->server
fretn xxx - s_khz should be latched
fretn xxx - wav recording doesnt increment file number
bani xxx - pb "haxed cvar" bug caused by engine changing cvar_t value directly
bani 238 - dynamite on movers shouldnt trigger objectives
bani xxx - wav recording doesnt show status
bani xxx - wav recording should use proper linux cvars (sndspeed etc)
bani xxx - renamed cg_demorecord_statusline to cg_recording_statusline
bani xxx - (rain)players "stick" to each other in collisions
bani xxx - cvars to simulate packetloss on client(cl_packetloss) and server (sv_packetloss)
requires sv_cheats 1
bani xxx - cvars to simulate packet latency on client(cl_packetdelay) and server (sv_packetdelay)
requires sv_cheats 1
bani 001 - (rain)re-enable wounded freelook
bani 254 - (rain)move wounded freelook to cgame
zinx xxx - fretn's garbage: (cl_language -1)
bani 184 - Players_Axis/Players_Allies can get too large and crash server (replace with P=)
bani xxx - omg CL_DemoFilename etc sux
bani xxx - omg R_ScreenshotFilename, R_ScreenshotFilenameJPEG sux
fretn xxx - arnout: "Got another bug for you :)
The engine does tolower on all binds, so if you do
bind a "say You suck!" and you then press a, it says 'you suck!' in lowercase.
Some people have been complaining about that"
fretn xxx - allow alternate messages to "server is full" (cvar perhaps?) -> sv_fullmsg
bani 245 - revive usually snaps your view
bani xxx - Arnout: "One thing we wanted to do is delay snapshot sending
while a client is connecting. There is no need to send full
snapshots while the client is loading a map, only thing you
have to do is a 'keep alive'. (This is what Doom is doing as
well) Gordon did a quick implementation of that last year, but
couldn't get it working properly (didn't have enough time to
play around with it). This would fix all those time out problems
for mods with longer level load times."
zinx xxx - buddyClients not used, ignoreClients was too small and not using COM_Bit* functions.
bani xxx - optimized myftol via lrintf (40% faster, helps RB_CalcDiffuseColor())
bani 374 - (rain)silent landmines
fretn xxx - moved kick code into qagame, mods can choose to use the engine banning system or the qagame one
bani xxx - enable build with gcc33 / gcc4 (custom CC/CXX settings)
bani xxx - static link libXxf86dga.a, libXxf86vm.a as XFree86 4.2.1 doesnt have it shared
bani 274 - (rain)powerups are laggy
bani xxx - dynamic shader building - trap_R_LoadDynamicShader( shadername, shadertext )
trap_R_LoadDynamicShader( NULL, NULL ) unloads all dynamic shaders
bani xxx - allow opening of dm_83 explicitly, and try dm_83 and dm_84 if extension isnt specified
fretn xxx - ugh. linux uses sndbits/sndspeed/sndchannels.
win32 uses s_khz and is fixed to 16bit stereo.
fretn xxx - switch to GT_WOLF if map can't start a campaign?
fretn xxx - remove CL_buyNow_f / CL_singlePlayLink_f ?
fretn xxx - (rain)Make sure Com_BitSet() with ridiculous bit number is fixed
in anim condition code.
zinx xxx - curl downloading doesnt appear to handle 404 properly
fretn xxx - ref menu expands colors twice
bani xxx - (rain)fixed incorrect class determination in CG_PlayerClassForClientinfo()
fretn, xxx - rendering to textures trap_R_GetTextureId(), trap_R_RenderToTexture()
bani xxx - (rain)wounded covops could steal uniforms if theyre close enough
bani xxx - (rain)level 4 covops knife damage was wrong on wounded players
bani 328 - skulls would sometimes show in scoreboard for live players
bani 480 - (rain)disguised covops has laggy health to enemy team
bani xxx - support r_swapInterval in Linux
bani xxx - fix firstperson tank muzzle origin if drawgun is off
bani 589 - player can "fire" flamethrower + tank gun with cg_drawgun 0
bani xxx - player thrown to soldier class upon attaining level 4 lw/hw skill
bani 280 - (zinx)make movers predict a continuation rather than a stop (jittery tug on railgun)
bani xxx - (rain)CG_AddPMItem breaks on multi-line messages
bani xxx - (rain)fix the spectator can-move-partway-through-world weirdness
fretn xxx - added cmd clearviewlog, clears the windows console
bani xxx - trap_R_Finish so cgame can sync rendering if needed
zinx xxx - (rain)> 10 maps in a campaign would crash
zinx xxx - campaign count was only checked once per .campaign
bani 760 - ref kick = "disconnected for unknown reason"
bani xxx - (fretn)allow server to redirect clients to other servers when full
eg sv_fullmsg "ET://"
bani xxx - "Unable to load an official pak file" message should show pk3 at the very least.
bani xxx - fix the madness
bani xxx - delete stale if client changes fs_game
bani xxx - bugtraq 12534 -
bani xxx - players can override crash handling (eg unsafe cvar whining) with com_ignorecrash 1
bani xxx - Better debug info for Info_*() infostring functions
bani xxx - bounds violation in G_configSet(), should fix ATVI #95
bani xxx - (zinx)Added mingw port
bani xxx - (zinx/bani)mounted mg42 fired too low
bani xxx - (zinx/bani)player hitbox in tank was broken
bani xxx - with fps-independent rof code, the mg fired too fast. fixed.
bani xxx - removed debug "Closed!" announcement from railgun map script.
bani xxx - movers would silently trigger enemy landmines
xxx - zinx optimized huffman
xxx - optimized strncpy
xxx - misc renderer bugs
<ikkyo> something in the et engine is causing shaders with a single stage to ignore fadeStartTime and fadeEndTime
<ikkyo> cause I noticed the thrown away panzerfaust still faded out, but it has a two stage shader
<ikkyo> it doesn't fade out correctly though, it kinda changes brightness before it starts to fade. the way I did the gib shader avoids that
338 - server-side changes of team, class, and weapon update limbo menu
fixes losing weapon on mapchanges, random weapon lossage on skill upgrades, etc.
xxx - UI is uselessly reloaded on /quit, which is slow in etmain
xxx - Way to remove flags from a cvar and/or remove cvars
xxx - pmove_fixed fixes (actual code changes pretty trivial)
xxx - ignore ridiculous mouse deltas when re-grabbing like D3 does?
xxx - r_fullscreen sometimes gets confused, ET can permanently lose
focus (linux)
xxx - In serverInfo_t (which is used for the server browser), the
server hostname (i.e. sv_hostname) is only
MAX_NAME_LENGTH (32) chars wide, which is quite a bit
smaller than the server browser displays (especially with
colors in the hostname.) If we change it, though, we need
a way to invalidate the old servercache.dat, because it
won't be compatible anymore.
633 - s_doppler is buggy (can't reproduce this -.-)
xxx - fix sound clipping bug (e.g. tank turret)
xxx - remove extraneous etconfig.cfg outside of profiles/?
xxx - no way to remove temporary bans added with kick/clientkick
(may want to move the kick code into qagame if it's easy to do)
xxx - fonts loaded with trap_R_RegisterFont have a broken shader in
the glyphInfo for glyph 0xff
xxx - special trace to ignore transparent clipbrushes?
(eg the huge invisible brushes around the tree trunks on oasis)
xxx - Re-add gibs
xxx - Sprint bar doesn't work when spectating or viewing a demo.
xxx - Mortar/deployed MG42 angles are screwy when spectating or
viewing a demo.
xxx - properly pass parameters to pmove instead of kludging it with
externs. current way is wrong and sets a bad example
for modders.
xxx - fix 8-bit wrapping in weapon heat (see etpro_bg_pmove.c:3321 et al.)
xxx - vid_restart often corrupts textures
xxx - make MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS a cvar?
xxx - occlusion queries to optimize rendering?
see R_AddEntitySurfaces()
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