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LICENSE ( last update: Wed Feb 8 17:16:40 CST 2006 )
There are 3 license types used throughout GtkRadiant source code.
BSD - modified Berkeley Software Distribution license
( each BSD licensed source file starts with the appropriate header )
LGPL - GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
( see LGPL at the root of the tree )
GPL - GNU General Public License
( see GPL at the root of the tree )
How do I check which license applies to a given part of the source code?
Each source file in the tree comes with a license header which explains what
license applies. To sum up shortly:
GPL: ( except some files contributed by Loki Software under BSD license )
GtkRadiant Core
GtkRadiant Modules
GtkRadiant Libraries
Quake III Tools
Quake II Tools
Background2D Plugin
HydraToolz Plugin
JPEG Library
MD5 Library
DDS Library
PicoModel Library
PrtView Plugin
BobToolz Plugin
GenSurf Plugin
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