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Documentation for generating doxygen documentation
1. Options for gendox
More up-to-date command line options are available via
the command ./gendox --help
usage: "sh gendox [ <target(s)> ] [ -o <output_dir> ]"
or "./gendox [ <target(s)> ] [ -o <output_dir> ]"
The directory, or directories to generate the
documentation from.
Specifies the output directory <output_dir> which
should follow the -o switch
-q --quiet
Stops the script from outputing status information,
other than errors.
-k --kill
Kills other running doxygen pids.
eg: ./gendox include/ -o ../Documentation
* This will produce documentation for the include files,
and output to the directory specified one level above the
current directory.
The target can be the current directory "./" in which case
doxygen will generate documentation for all subdirectories
of the current directory recursively.
The default output directory is currently ...
> ../GtkRadiant-doxygen
* If the script is called without any target directories
it will generate documentation for the core of radiant...
include/ libs/ radiant/ and plugins/
If there are specific options that you'd like to customise,
the DoxyConfig file is used to generate the file from which
doxygen gets its settings from. So any changes that need
to be made should be made to this file.
Gef :]