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Solaris 2 Quake / QuakeWorld
This is an UNSUPPORTED version of Quake and QuakeWorld. Don't
bother id software about it. Bug reports will be ignored.
There are a few major difference between this port and the
vanilla Quake/QuakeWorld available on the internet. For
optimum performance, you should copy everything to a directory
on your local system before starting play so that you are
not mounting files from a remote filesystem.
In order to use this program, you need the files pak0.pak
and pak1.pak in the id1 directory found on a registered copy of
Quake. You can ftp them to your Solaris host from a Windows95
machine for example. The files must be in an id1 subdirectory from
the directory you install Quake/QuakeWorld, and all file names must
be lowercase. Add on packages such as ThreeWave CTF work fine as
well, just place such addon packages in their own directory as you
would on a Windows95 installation. But again, make sure all files
are lowercase.
You can magnify the screen by using this flag:
Ex: % quake +pixel_multiply 2
You can also use this command (without the dash)
from the Quake console. pixel_multiply is a Quake
cvar and is saved from session to session in the
config.cfg file.
-winsize <width> <height>
Set the size of the window when you start
See how many frames per second you're getting
mouse binding
You can bind and unbind the mouse to the Quake window
by using the Use Mouse selection in the Options menu,
or with the "_windowed_mouse" command in the console,
ex "_windowed_mouse 1" Now, moving the mouse will move
your player. Use "_windowed_mouse 0" to unbind. You
can bind or alias this to a key.
Example command:
% quake.xil +pixel_multiply 2 -winsize 400 300
In a nutshell, QuakeWorld is an extension of Quake that is
much more user friendly. It allows the user to dynamically
download changes from the server, such as new maps and new
weapons while inside the Quake client. It is not directly
compatible with Quake (ie, you can't connect to a Quake server
from a QuakeWorld client) but in general it is superior to
Quake. QuakeWorld also offers much smoother play over the
Internet by using client prediction. For more information,
check out
In order to use it, you must make a copy of the "qw"
directory. Any new stuff that is downloaded from a QuakeWorld
server will be stored in this directory. All regular Quake
flags apply so you can use the same command line as before.
Example command:
% qwcl.xil +pixel_multiply 2 -winsize 400 300
If you've got questions about Quake, rest assured that there
are answers out there. Try checking out these web sites:
If all else fails use a search engine.
Happy fragging,
the Quake/Solaris team
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