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Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
// client.h
typedef struct
vec3_t viewangles;
// intended velocities
float forwardmove;
float sidemove;
float upmove;
#ifdef QUAKE2
byte lightlevel;
} usercmd_t;
typedef struct
int length;
} lightstyle_t;
typedef struct
float entertime;
int frags;
int colors; // two 4 bit fields
byte translations[VID_GRADES*256];
} scoreboard_t;
typedef struct
int destcolor[3];
int percent; // 0-256
} cshift_t;
#define CSHIFT_BONUS 2
#define NUM_CSHIFTS 4
#define NAME_LENGTH 64
// client_state_t should hold all pieces of the client state
#define SIGNONS 4 // signon messages to receive before connected
#define MAX_DLIGHTS 32
typedef struct
vec3_t origin;
float radius;
float die; // stop lighting after this time
float decay; // drop this each second
float minlight; // don't add when contributing less
int key;
#ifdef QUAKE2
qboolean dark; // subtracts light instead of adding
} dlight_t;
#define MAX_BEAMS 24
typedef struct
int entity;
struct model_s *model;
float endtime;
vec3_t start, end;
} beam_t;
#define MAX_EFRAGS 640
#define MAX_MAPSTRING 2048
#define MAX_DEMOS 8
#define MAX_DEMONAME 16
typedef enum {
ca_dedicated, // a dedicated server with no ability to start a client
ca_disconnected, // full screen console with no connection
ca_connected // valid netcon, talking to a server
} cactive_t;
// the client_static_t structure is persistant through an arbitrary number
// of server connections
typedef struct
cactive_t state;
// personalization data sent to server
char mapstring[MAX_QPATH];
char spawnparms[MAX_MAPSTRING]; // to restart a level
// demo loop control
int demonum; // -1 = don't play demos
char demos[MAX_DEMOS][MAX_DEMONAME]; // when not playing
// demo recording info must be here, because record is started before
// entering a map (and clearing client_state_t)
qboolean demorecording;
qboolean demoplayback;
qboolean timedemo;
int forcetrack; // -1 = use normal cd track
FILE *demofile;
int td_lastframe; // to meter out one message a frame
int td_startframe; // host_framecount at start
float td_starttime; // realtime at second frame of timedemo
// connection information
int signon; // 0 to SIGNONS
struct qsocket_s *netcon;
sizebuf_t message; // writing buffer to send to server
} client_static_t;
extern client_static_t cls;
// the client_state_t structure is wiped completely at every
// server signon
typedef struct
int movemessages; // since connecting to this server
// throw out the first couple, so the player
// doesn't accidentally do something the
// first frame
usercmd_t cmd; // last command sent to the server
// information for local display
int stats[MAX_CL_STATS]; // health, etc
int items; // inventory bit flags
float item_gettime[32]; // cl.time of aquiring item, for blinking
float faceanimtime; // use anim frame if cl.time < this
cshift_t cshifts[NUM_CSHIFTS]; // color shifts for damage, powerups
cshift_t prev_cshifts[NUM_CSHIFTS]; // and content types
// the client maintains its own idea of view angles, which are
// sent to the server each frame. The server sets punchangle when
// the view is temporarliy offset, and an angle reset commands at the start
// of each level and after teleporting.
vec3_t mviewangles[2]; // during demo playback viewangles is lerped
// between these
vec3_t viewangles;
vec3_t mvelocity[2]; // update by server, used for lean+bob
// (0 is newest)
vec3_t velocity; // lerped between mvelocity[0] and [1]
vec3_t punchangle; // temporary offset
// pitch drifting vars
float idealpitch;
float pitchvel;
qboolean nodrift;
float driftmove;
double laststop;
float viewheight;
float crouch; // local amount for smoothing stepups
qboolean paused; // send over by server
qboolean onground;
qboolean inwater;
int intermission; // don't change view angle, full screen, etc
int completed_time; // latched at intermission start
double mtime[2]; // the timestamp of last two messages
double time; // clients view of time, should be between
// servertime and oldservertime to generate
// a lerp point for other data
double oldtime; // previous cl.time, time-oldtime is used
// to decay light values and smooth step ups
float last_received_message; // (realtime) for net trouble icon
// information that is static for the entire time connected to a server
struct model_s *model_precache[MAX_MODELS];
struct sfx_s *sound_precache[MAX_SOUNDS];
char levelname[40]; // for display on solo scoreboard
int viewentity; // cl_entitites[cl.viewentity] = player
int maxclients;
int gametype;
// refresh related state
struct model_s *worldmodel; // cl_entitites[0].model
struct efrag_s *free_efrags;
int num_entities; // held in cl_entities array
int num_statics; // held in cl_staticentities array
entity_t viewent; // the gun model
int cdtrack, looptrack; // cd audio
// frag scoreboard
scoreboard_t *scores; // [cl.maxclients]
#ifdef QUAKE2
// light level at player's position including dlights
// this is sent back to the server each frame
// architectually ugly but it works
int light_level;
} client_state_t;
// cvars
extern cvar_t cl_name;
extern cvar_t cl_color;
extern cvar_t cl_upspeed;
extern cvar_t cl_forwardspeed;
extern cvar_t cl_backspeed;
extern cvar_t cl_sidespeed;
extern cvar_t cl_movespeedkey;
extern cvar_t cl_yawspeed;
extern cvar_t cl_pitchspeed;
extern cvar_t cl_anglespeedkey;
extern cvar_t cl_autofire;
extern cvar_t cl_shownet;
extern cvar_t cl_nolerp;
extern cvar_t cl_pitchdriftspeed;
extern cvar_t lookspring;
extern cvar_t lookstrafe;
extern cvar_t sensitivity;
extern cvar_t m_pitch;
extern cvar_t m_yaw;
extern cvar_t m_forward;
extern cvar_t m_side;
#define MAX_TEMP_ENTITIES 64 // lightning bolts, etc
#define MAX_STATIC_ENTITIES 128 // torches, etc
extern client_state_t cl;
// FIXME, allocate dynamically
extern efrag_t cl_efrags[MAX_EFRAGS];
extern entity_t cl_entities[MAX_EDICTS];
extern entity_t cl_static_entities[MAX_STATIC_ENTITIES];
extern lightstyle_t cl_lightstyle[MAX_LIGHTSTYLES];
extern dlight_t cl_dlights[MAX_DLIGHTS];
extern entity_t cl_temp_entities[MAX_TEMP_ENTITIES];
extern beam_t cl_beams[MAX_BEAMS];
// cl_main
dlight_t *CL_AllocDlight (int key);
void CL_DecayLights (void);
void CL_Init (void);
void CL_EstablishConnection (char *host);
void CL_Signon1 (void);
void CL_Signon2 (void);
void CL_Signon3 (void);
void CL_Signon4 (void);
void CL_Disconnect (void);
void CL_Disconnect_f (void);
void CL_NextDemo (void);
#define MAX_VISEDICTS 256
extern int cl_numvisedicts;
extern entity_t *cl_visedicts[MAX_VISEDICTS];
// cl_input
typedef struct
int down[2]; // key nums holding it down
int state; // low bit is down state
} kbutton_t;
extern kbutton_t in_mlook, in_klook;
extern kbutton_t in_strafe;
extern kbutton_t in_speed;
void CL_InitInput (void);
void CL_SendCmd (void);
void CL_SendMove (usercmd_t *cmd);
void CL_ParseTEnt (void);
void CL_UpdateTEnts (void);
void CL_ClearState (void);
int CL_ReadFromServer (void);
void CL_WriteToServer (usercmd_t *cmd);
void CL_BaseMove (usercmd_t *cmd);
float CL_KeyState (kbutton_t *key);
char *Key_KeynumToString (int keynum);
// cl_demo.c
void CL_StopPlayback (void);
int CL_GetMessage (void);
void CL_Stop_f (void);
void CL_Record_f (void);
void CL_PlayDemo_f (void);
void CL_TimeDemo_f (void);
// cl_parse.c
void CL_ParseServerMessage (void);
void CL_NewTranslation (int slot);
// view
void V_StartPitchDrift (void);
void V_StopPitchDrift (void);
void V_RenderView (void);
void V_UpdatePalette (void);
void V_Register (void);
void V_ParseDamage (void);
void V_SetContentsColor (int contents);
// cl_tent
void CL_InitTEnts (void);
void CL_SignonReply (void);
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