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QW 2.3 2do
- don't broadcast name changes unless cs_connected
fix up the name changes stuff. Right now second changes aren't broadcast. Make it count as floodprot (and
don't change if flood prot succeeds)
- winquake bug, keys bound to +/- aliases don't work when console is down
- spectator name changes don't broadcast
- cl_crosshaircolor
- add gl_cshiftpercent (ala glq098)
x- restore 2.1 movement code, but use new gravity application from 2.2, friction is still 4
check the step near quad on e1m5
stairs on ctf4
x- look over stuffbuf again, possible clean up? extend stuffbuf to generic backbuffer for
reliable data? change blocks to WriteClientMSG(client, byte, estimiatedsize), which will
auto rotate buffers if needed? Change all reliable writes to WriteClientReliable_TYPE()?
x- delta compress usercmds (ala Q2?), reduces client to server bandwidth
x- fix player drift in initialsnapposition
x- localid works first shot, before server connection
x- double size of eyes in gl
x- new spectator camera. cl_chasecam 1 now gives a 'through the eyes' camera. This is broken in demo playback.
- packet loss display for clients?
- m_filter in linux qwcl?
- some sort of fastforward on .qwds? host_framerate? "Press [ATTACK] to Fast Forward"?
- don't draw crosshair while showing scores
- skin of '.' is invalid (causes hang?)
- fix it so that screenshots try to write to gamedir and if it doesn't
exist go to qw dir
- profile qwsv and see if it can be made less cpu intensive
- client up the checksum crap, replace random table
- r_lightmap 1?
x- clamp topcolor/bottomcolor (crashes glqwcl with high bogus values)
x- work on pmodel/emodel stuff, gl probs?
x- heapsize b0rked in win32 qwsv
x- server challenge
x- internal port number (like john did to Q2)
x- add rerecord
x- increase edicts to 1024
x- check that -zone is used
x- change EF_DIMLIGHT to EF_BLUE for Quad effect in QWQC
x- rewrite the server player cmd to remove double touch
x- exec frontend.cfg after execing config.cfg during gamedir change
x- add percentage loss on r_netgraph
x- add r_netgraph to gl version
x- stuff cl_warncmd before and after execing gamedir configs on gamedir change
x- check to see that high fps doesn't overflow network and increase ping
x- add a localinfo to server (complements serverinfo). Same as serverinfo,
but is local to the server and can only be accessed by the QC and the
console. 64K limit?
Save localinfo automatically during map changes.
sv_localfile specifics localinfo file name
saves in current gamedir
accessed as serverinfo, i.e. infokey(world, "blah")
localinfo overrides serverinfo
x- should water leafs pass sounds (i.e., fully hearable in PHS)
x- allow 'password none' and 'spectator_password none' to clear passwords
x- remove "password" field from userinfo data upon connect
x- average ping for the team on +showteamscores, low/avg/high
x- check that prediction of other players clips against self
- early implementation works well, but causes movement jerk in close
quarters due to prediction problems. try a few other things
x- check that fixangle from the server is reliable (after teleporters)
x- add new msg level, PRINT_SELF
x- add kill-flood filters. Possible maxlines/time value setting.
x- add /ignore for llamas
x- move sound effects to reliable data stream
x- check directinput support on qwcl
x- model rendering is slow in gl, see if we can speed it up
x- colored lighting in GL version
- extend "style" key for lights
- check demo playback timing in an attempt to make it smoother
x- think about storing the current push value in the demo
x- colored lighting for powerups (blue for quad, red for 666, etc.)
x- ability to set 'password none' or 'spectator_password none' on a server
x- do we want to look at adding real string support to QC?
x- spectator QC calls: SpectatorConnect, SpectatorThink, SpectatorDisconnect
x- change the lava effect when outside of map in spectator mode
x- change autocam to fixed, not float
- new art for console background/status bar? release a new pak file?
<morbid> And just fresher, a little bit brighter graphics.
- Change status bar? some sort of heads up display
the tools "float" independantly on the bottom.
- McTaggart's "fun water" effect.
- Update QPlug to provide more QSpy interaction.
- skin master server which QSpy talks to in order to get skins
client still retains the ability to d/l skins from current server, put
QSpy do a precheck before game launch.
Download of skins should probably be compressed
- skins should expire both on the client and on the skin master.
have qwcl touch (change modify date) on a skin every time its loaded
QSpy can then just delete skins more than a month or so old
- id will host the skin master
x- check out ph00k's comments about jumping
x- change hunk_alloc error msgs, to say "16384" instead of "1600"?
x- remove console scaling in GL version
- Dis would like to continue work on the progs (QC)
191, g_light.mdl, 0x0171b2c8