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Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player GPL Source Code
Copyright (C) 1999-2010 id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.
This file is part of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player GPL Source Code (“RTCW SP Source Code”).
RTCW SP Source Code is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
RTCW SP Source Code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with RTCW SP Source Code. If not, see <>.
In addition, the RTCW SP Source Code is also subject to certain additional terms. You should have received a copy of these additional terms immediately following the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License which accompanied the RTCW SP Source Code. If not, please request a copy in writing from id Software at the address below.
If you have questions concerning this license or the applicable additional terms, you may contact in writing id Software LLC, c/o ZeniMax Media Inc., Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850 USA.
// snd_local.h -- private sound definations
#include "../game/q_shared.h"
#include "../qcommon/qcommon.h"
#include "snd_public.h"
#define PAINTBUFFER_SIZE 4096 // this is in samples
#define SND_CHUNK_SIZE 1024 // samples
#define SND_CHUNK_SIZE_FLOAT ( SND_CHUNK_SIZE / 2 ) // floats
#define SND_CHUNK_SIZE_BYTE ( SND_CHUNK_SIZE * 2 ) // floats
#define TALKANIM
typedef struct {
int left; // the final values will be clamped to +/- 0x00ffff00 and shifted down
int right;
} portable_samplepair_t;
typedef struct adpcm_state {
short sample; /* Previous output value */
char index; /* Index into stepsize table */
#if defined( __MACOS__ )
char pad; /* //DAJ added pad for alignment */
} adpcm_state_t;
typedef struct sndBuffer_s {
short sndChunk[SND_CHUNK_SIZE];
struct sndBuffer_s *next;
int size;
adpcm_state_t adpcm;
} sndBuffer;
typedef struct sfx_s {
sndBuffer *soundData;
qboolean defaultSound; // couldn't be loaded, so use buzz
qboolean inMemory; // not in Memory
qboolean soundCompressed; // not in Memory
int soundCompressionMethod;
int soundLength;
char soundName[MAX_QPATH];
int lastTimeUsed;
struct sfx_s *next;
} sfx_t;
typedef struct {
int channels;
int samples; // mono samples in buffer
int submission_chunk; // don't mix less than this #
int samplebits;
int speed;
int samplepos;
byte *buffer;
} dma_t;
#define START_SAMPLE_IMMEDIATE 0x7fffffff
typedef struct loopSound_s {
vec3_t origin;
vec3_t velocity;
float range; //----(SA) added
sfx_t *sfx;
int mergeFrame;
int vol;
qboolean loudUnderWater; // (SA) set if this sound should be played at full vol even when under water (under water loop sound for ex.)
} loopSound_t;
typedef struct
int *ptr; //DAJ BUGFIX for freelist/endlist pointer
int allocTime;
int startSample; // START_SAMPLE_IMMEDIATE = set immediately on next mix
int entnum; // to allow overriding a specific sound
int entchannel; // to allow overriding a specific sound
int leftvol; // 0-255 volume after spatialization
int rightvol; // 0-255 volume after spatialization
int master_vol; // 0-255 volume before spatialization
float dopplerScale;
float oldDopplerScale;
vec3_t origin; // only use if fixed_origin is set
qboolean fixed_origin; // use origin instead of fetching entnum's origin
sfx_t *thesfx; // sfx structure
qboolean doppler;
int flags; //----(SA) added
qboolean threadReady;
} channel_t;
#define WAV_FORMAT_PCM 1
typedef struct {
int format;
int rate;
int width;
int channels;
int samples;
int dataofs; // chunk starts this many bytes from file start
} wavinfo_t;
// initializes cycling through a DMA buffer and returns information on it
qboolean SNDDMA_Init( void );
// gets the current DMA position
int SNDDMA_GetDMAPos( void );
// shutdown the DMA xfer.
void SNDDMA_Shutdown( void );
void SNDDMA_BeginPainting( void );
void SNDDMA_Submit( void );
#if defined( __MACOS__ )
#define MAX_CHANNELS 64
#define MAX_CHANNELS 96
extern channel_t s_channels[MAX_CHANNELS];
extern channel_t loop_channels[MAX_CHANNELS];
extern int numLoopChannels;
extern int s_paintedtime;
extern vec3_t listener_forward;
extern vec3_t listener_right;
extern vec3_t listener_up;
extern dma_t dma;
extern unsigned char s_entityTalkAmplitude[MAX_CLIENTS];
//----(SA) some flags for queued music tracks
#define QUEUED_PLAY_ONCE_SILENT -3 // when done it goes quiet
//----(SA) end
// Ridah, streaming sounds
typedef struct {
fileHandle_t file;
wavinfo_t info;
int samples;
char name[MAX_QPATH]; //----(SA) added
char loop[MAX_QPATH];
int looped; //----(SA) added
int entnum;
int channel;
int attenuation;
int kill; //----(SA) changed
int fadeStart; //----(SA) added
int fadeEnd; //----(SA) added
float fadeStartVol; //----(SA) added
float fadeTargetVol; //----(SA) added
} streamingSound_t;
typedef struct {
vec3_t origin;
qboolean fixedOrigin;
int entityNum;
int entityChannel;
sfxHandle_t sfx;
int flags;
} s_pushStack;
#define MAX_PUSHSTACK 64
#define LOOP_HASH 128
#define MAX_LOOP_SOUNDS 128
// removed many statics into a common sound struct
typedef struct {
sfx_t *sfxHash[LOOP_HASH];
int numLoopSounds;
loopSound_t loopSounds[MAX_LOOP_SOUNDS];
float volTarget;
float volStart;
int volTime1;
int volTime2;
float volFadeFrac;
float volCurrent;
channel_t *freelist;
channel_t *endflist;
int s_numSfx;
s_pushStack pushPop[MAX_PUSHSTACK];
int tart;
qboolean s_soundPainted;
int s_clearSoundBuffer;
int s_soundStarted;
// qboolean s_soundMute;
int s_soundMute; // 0 - not muted, 1 - muted, 2 - no new sounds, but play out remaining sounds (so they can die if necessary)
vec3_t entityPositions[MAX_GENTITIES];
char nextMusicTrack[MAX_QPATH]; // extracted from CS_MUSIC_QUEUE //----(SA) added
int nextMusicTrackType;
} snd_t;
extern snd_t snd; // globals for sound
#define MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS 12 // need to keep it low, or the rawsamples will get too big
#define MAX_RAW_SAMPLES 16384
extern streamingSound_t streamingSounds[MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS];
extern int s_rawend[MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS];
extern portable_samplepair_t s_rawsamples[MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS][MAX_RAW_SAMPLES];
extern portable_samplepair_t s_rawVolume[MAX_STREAMING_SOUNDS];
extern cvar_t *s_volume;
extern cvar_t *s_nosound;
extern cvar_t *s_khz;
extern cvar_t *s_show;
extern cvar_t *s_mixahead;
extern cvar_t *s_mute;
extern cvar_t *s_testsound;
extern cvar_t *s_separation;
extern cvar_t *s_currentMusic; //----(SA) added
extern cvar_t *s_debugMusic; //----(SA) added
qboolean S_LoadSound( sfx_t *sfx );
void SND_free( sndBuffer *v );
sndBuffer* SND_malloc();
void SND_setup();
void S_PaintChannels( int endtime );
void S_memoryLoad( sfx_t *sfx );
portable_samplepair_t *S_GetRawSamplePointer();
// spatializes a channel
void S_Spatialize( channel_t *ch );
// adpcm functions
int S_AdpcmMemoryNeeded( const wavinfo_t *info );
void S_AdpcmEncodeSound( sfx_t *sfx, short *samples );
void S_AdpcmGetSamples( sndBuffer *chunk, short *to );
// wavelet function
void S_FreeOldestSound();
#define NXStream byte
void encodeWavelet( sfx_t *sfx, short *packets );
void decodeWavelet( sndBuffer *stream, short *packets );
void encodeMuLaw( sfx_t *sfx, short *packets );
extern short mulawToShort[256];
extern short *sfxScratchBuffer;
extern const sfx_t *sfxScratchPointer;
extern int sfxScratchIndex;
extern unsigned char s_entityTalkAmplitude[MAX_CLIENTS];
extern float S_GetStreamingFade( streamingSound_t *ss ); //----(SA) added
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