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//#define DEBUG // shows all windows
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef struct
int x; // xcoord of radio
int y; // ycoord of radio
int value; // value to match
} radio_t;
typedef struct
radio_t *radios; // start of radio buttons
int amount; // # of radio buttons
int *master; // master value that radios must match
int fgcolor; // text color
int bgcolor; // background color
} radiogroup_t;
typedef struct
short pup_id;
char width;
char height;
char x;
char y;
short mystery1;
short mystery2;
} pup_t;
typedef enum
} pup_e;
extern pup_t far askpres, far cmodem, far consel, far control, far cserial,
far cwarp, far gusirqer, far idcard, far idjoysel, far idkeysel, far idmain2,
far idmousel, far irqerr, far macros, far mcard, far midiport, far modemchs,
far modsave, far mousentr, far mouspres, far netplay, far netplay2,
far netsave, far netserr, far netwk2, far numdig, far phonelst, far quitwin,
far sbdma, far sbirq, far sbport, far sersave, far show, far sockerr,
far title;
#ifndef FRENCH
extern pup_t far entrnmbr; // No entering phone numbers for frogs!
#define MAXLAYERS 5 // max amount of screens to save
void SaveScreen(void);
void RestoreScreen(void);
void DrawRadios(radiogroup_t *rg);
void DrawPup(pup_t far *pup);
#ifdef DEBUG
void ShowAllPups(void);
extern char errorstring[80];
void Error(char *string);
extern char **myargv;
extern int myargc;
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