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compat build: Import makedef script from c99-to-c89
doc lavc: deprecate CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE and avcodec_get_edge_width().
libavcodec Fixed integer rounding issue
libavdevice avutil: Move library version related macros to version.h
libavfilter buffersrc: handle non-refcounted frames in av_buffersrc_add_frame() c…
libavformat rtmpproto: Send a full, absolute timestamp if it isn't monotonically …
libavresample aarch64: port neon clobber test from arm
libavutil doxy: Document better the available AVFrame flags
libswscale rgb2rgb_template: add MMX/SSE2/AVX-optimized deinterleaveBytes
presets presets: spelling error in libvpx 1080p50_60
tests fate: Explicitly specify the rgb555le pixel format for the mss2 rgb55…
tools aviocat: Add support for specifying the input duration
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore multilibrary example programs
COPYING.GPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
COPYING.LGPLv2.1 cosmetics: Delete empty lines at end of file.
COPYING.LGPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
CREDITS partially rename FFmpeg to Libav
Changelog lavfi: add framepack filter
INSTALL doc: clarify configure features
LICENSE vf_yadif: Relicense from GPL to LGPL
Makefile build: Add rule for building host-specific object files
README cosmetics: fix dashed line length after 070c5d0
RELEASE Prepare for 10_alpha2 Release
arch.mak arm: rename ARMVFP config symbol to VFP
avconv.c avconv: print a warning when falling back to default 25fps
avconv.h avconv: add support for VDPAU decoding
avconv_filter.c Add missing #includes for *INT64_MAX and *INT64_C
avconv_opt.c avconv: initialize hwaccel_pix_fmt
avplay.c avplay: do not call avcodec_get_frame_defaults().
avprobe.c cmdutils: wrap exit explicitly
avserver.c avserver: do not use a static string as a default for a string option
cmdutils.c cmdutils: update copyright year to 2014.
cmdutils.h avplay: Accept cpuflags option
cmdutils_common_opts.h avplay: Accept cpuflags option
common.mak build: Add shorthand for HOSTCC compile macro
configure Merge
library.mak configure: add strip flags checks Drop git- prefix from version labels



1) Documentation

* Read the documentation in the doc/ directory.

2) Licensing

* See the LICENSE file.
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