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Merge pull request #12768 from aeslaughter/transfer-final-9923

Disable error message on checkFileReadable
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permcody committed Jan 24, 2019
2 parents 76da88f + 85e55d1 commit 089234768a2a2c0c84bb14a26d17cc0b5b680b12
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  1. +10 −9 framework/src/outputs/Exodus.C
@@ -396,16 +396,17 @@ Exodus::output(const ExecFlagType & type)
// Reset the mesh changed flag
_exodus_mesh_changed = false;

// Remove empty files
// Because of the ability to control when different items output independently (i.e.,
// "execute_on_input") it is possible to create an empty file if the solve stops early, such as
// the case when --half-transient is used. Thus, to avoid having empty files laying around the
// following cleans them up. It is not possible to know if anything will be output to the file
// prior to attempting. A long story short, an exodus file with only info records doesn't write
// correctly. Deleting the file here actually doesn't fix this problem, but it seems like poor
// form to leave empty files around.
// It is possible to have an empty file created with the following scenario. By default the
// 'execute_on_input' flag is setup to run on INITIAL. If the 'execute_on' is set to FINAL
// but the simulation stops early (e.g., --half-transient) the Exodus file is created but there
// is no data in it, because of the initial call to write the input data seems to create the file
// but doesn't actually write the data into the solution/mesh is also supplied to the IO object.
// Then if --recover is used this empty file fails to open for appending.
// The code below will delete any empty files that exist. Another solution is to set the
// 'execute_on_input' flag to NONE.
std::string current = filename();
if (processor_id() == 0 && MooseUtils::checkFileReadable(current) &&
if (processor_id() == 0 && MooseUtils::checkFileReadable(current, false, false) &&
(MooseUtils::fileSize(current) == 0))
int err = std::remove(current.c_str());

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