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Add documentation about AD fluid properties interface
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@@ -63,6 +63,10 @@ Derivatives of fluid properties with respect to the primary variables are also a
for several of the fluid properties listed above. These can be evaluated using the
following notation: `rho_from_p_T(p, T, rho, drho_dp, drho_dT)` etc.

!alert note
Fluid properties are now available using an interface suitable for use with MOOSE's
Automatic Differentiation capability. See example in the next section.

The full list of available methods can be found in either the source code or the
[Modules Doxygen]( page for each
FluidProperties class.
@@ -116,6 +120,16 @@ at the quadrature points using the values of `_v[_qp]` and `_e[_qp]`.

!listing modules/fluid_properties/src/materials/FluidPropertiesMaterial.C start=computeQpProperties

In a similar fashion, fluid properties can be accessed using the Automatic Differentiation interface
using the `DualReal` version which provides both the value and derivatives

DualReal rho = _fp.p_from_T_v(T, v);

where $T$ and $v$ are `DualReal`'s. The result (density `rho` in this example) then contains both the
value of density and its derivatives with respect to the primary variables `T` and `v`.

### Input file syntax

The Fluid Properties UserObjects are implemented in an input file in the `Modules` block. For

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