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A higher-level charting library built on top of d3.

D3 is really quite awesome. It is a low-level toolkit of primitives for visualizing data in modern browsers, abstracting away a lot of the common gruntwork of any visualization. I like to think of d3 as the web’s “native” visualization toolkit, since it isn’t a very abstract abstraction: d3 produces SVG and maniupulates markup in your browser, not some intermediate representation. This makes things like interactivity possible/easier.

So why a charting library?

With great power comes great headache. D3 provides the primitives you need to build anything, but constructing the most basic chart out of primitives is not a one-liner activity. Even if you’re familiar with graphics programming, finding your way around d3 can be a little intimidating at first. Sometimes you just want a basic chart of something, and you’d like the option of later adding on bells and whistles. D3charts aims to supply that, as well as serving as a good library of examples to learn/steal from if you want to implement your own charts.


All good, komrade! We are being supply code under license “BSD” of three clause. Use and abuse required immediately now. Making sure to read LICENSE file.

Pull requests?

Hell yes, please.

Styling charts?

These plugins create charts with the bare minimum of styling applied. Charts are just SVG, you can (and should!) style them with CSS like any other markup. The examples directory provides some, er, examples.