A django reusable app for utilizing Sign In With Twitter
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Django-SIWT (Sign In With Twitter)

A reusable app which makes it easy to use Twitter's "Sign In With Twitter" authentication mechanism.


  1. Put the django_siwt folder somewhere on your pythonpath.
  2. Add django_siwt to your INSTALLED_APPS. There are no models, ergo there's no need for syncdb.
  3. Make sure to set CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET in your settings.py.
  4. Include django_siwt's urls somewhere convenient (say, your project's urls.py).
  5. Add some links to django_siwt's signin/signout views from within your templates. Easily accomplished using the url tag: {% url siwt_signin %} and {% url siwt_signout %}.

Take a look in utils.py for a few more tweakable knobs.


This project is a cleaned-up, reusable-app-ified version of henriklied's django-twitter-oauth. That application used the standard authentication flow and not "Sign In With Twitter", though the distinction appears largely academic as both seem to operate fine. I wanted to use the sanctioned way though, hence the modifications.


This code is yours to use and modify according to the terms of the BSD License, the full text of which is available in LICENSE.txt or at http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php