OAuth2 Server - JWT token support #50

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Is this still being worked on?


thedrow commented Jun 15, 2015

@bigblind It was recently implemented.
However this issue should stay open until the JWT token RFC is finalized.

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Support OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Token Flow #221

@thedrow If this has been implement, is there any documentation on how to use it? The RTD simply points here and nothing in the source code seems to jump out to me.


thedrow commented Aug 18, 2015

There is no documentation currently since the standard is not yet finalized.

joar commented Sep 21, 2015

Unless I'm mistaken it seems that the standard is finalized: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7523


thedrow commented Sep 26, 2015

It is now a proposed standard which means it is being finalized. Unless something unexpected happens it will be finalized in the coming months. I think it's safe to say that we can start implementing it. Any volunteers?

Hi @thedrow, the jwt it's implemented, it's ok?, do you know if exists a django provider that use it?, thanks.


thedrow commented Dec 4, 2015

@Antherkiv The current implementation is according to the 4th draft of the specification. Someone needs to bring it up to speed with the current finalized specification.
I do not know any Django providers that use it.

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Using JWT as the token #343

There seems to be some confusion. I'm reading here that folks believe a server has been implemented. I only see a client: ServiceApplicationClient. If a server has indeed been implemented, would someone point me to it?


thedrow commented Apr 20, 2016

@clintonb Seems like you're right. The server is not implemented.

Any work done on this?


thedrow commented Jul 15, 2016

I have no need for this feature for now so no.
If you need it, feel free to issue a PR.

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