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Python-twitter is a python wrapper around the twitter API, original authored by DeWitt Clinton. This version is a “fork of practicality” — I wanted a few changes made, and saw a few good patches languishing in the bugtracker. The original developer is a super fellow who wrote 99.9% of this stuff. It might be that he’s busy and doesn’t want to maintain the code, it might be that he is about 10 times smarter than me and my changes are stupid, and if that’s the case, then nobody in their right mind will use this repository.

The original code repository and documentation is located at

“Fork” is not a dirty word. I hope that the amicable culture of forking which pervades github will help people understand that a fork can be undertaken for mundane reasons and doesn’t necessarily include bombast and drama.

The code is largely feature-complete, stable, and great. I don’t foresee a lot of stuff that will need to be improved or updated, although I’ve yet to dig into the existing bugs on google code. Whether or not this code gets maintained is a function of my need for it and others’ interest in it.

To that end, there is a new issuetracker hosted on lighthouse.

My Motives

Module Name

I’ve yet to run across a python API wrapper module named exactly like the service it wraps, e.g. “” for Twitter. Most of them follow the form “”. This is annoying because I can’t name any module in my application “” unless I’m using absolute imports. The thought of awkwardly naming my modules to work around a poor (in my estimation) naming choice in a reusable module left a bad taste in my mouth. “This is python,” I reasoned, “second in purity only to the language of nature and the universe! Surely we should fix somebodly else’s inelegant code before working on my own inelegant code?!”

And thus I’ve renamed and all references (in sample code, documentation, et al) to


What can I say? I drank the git kool-aid and now working with subversion seems awkward. That, and I just prefer github to google code. If I’m going to be maintaining some code I’d prefer it be hosted somewhere easy to work with and track.

Broken Tests

Twitter has updated their response formats, which causes spurious errors when running the included tests.

I wanted to use “Since” when fetching tweets

There was already a lovely patch for this on the google code issuetracker.

I just wanted the experience

Probably the truest words on this page.

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