Fugitive extension to manage and merge Git branches
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Merginal aims provide a nice inteface for dealing with Git branches. It offers interactive TUI for:

  • Viewing the list of branches
  • Checking out branches from that list
  • Creating new branches
  • Deleting branches
  • Merging branches
  • Rebasing branches
  • Solving merge conflicts
  • Interacting with remotes(pulling, pushing, fetching, tracking)
  • Diffing against other branches
  • Renaming branches
  • Viewing git history for branches


Merginal is based on Fugitive, so it requires Fugitive. If you don't have it already you can get it from https://github.com/tpope/vim-fugitive

It should go without saying that you need Git.

Under Windows, vimproc is an optional requirement. Merginal will work without it, but it'll pop an ugly console window every time it needs to run a Git command. You can get vimproc from https://github.com/Shougo/vimproc.vim


To use Merginal you need to know but one command: :Merginal. It'll open the branch list buffer, unless the repository is in merge mode then it'll open the merge conflicts buffer.

Like Fugitive's commands, :Merginal is native to the buffer, and will only work in buffers that are parts of Git repositories.

You can also toggle the buffer with :MerginalToggle or close it with :MerginalClose.

To see a list of keymaps available in each Merginal buffer, press ?.