simple password hashing for nodejs with ldap rfc 2307 support
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Simplify the generation of password hashes. In addition it supports rfc2307 for usage with LDAP.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install password-hasher

var passwordhasher = require('password-hasher');

// get hash
var hash = passwordhasher.createHash('ssha512', 'alice', new Buffer('83d88386463f0625', 'hex'));
// returns '21ea8a8975921163474f74e4349eb6b3185b95ada619ae6d83c16dae836eb9c07c33331bf7db8f89d609a01f6278d6e5be7c516a1748cbe87b4cfc125e1e2c9e'

// get rfc 2307 hash
var rfcHash = passwordhasher.formatRFC2307(hash)
// returns '{ssha512}IeqKiXWSEWNHT3TkNJ62sxhbla2mGa5tg8FtroNuucB8MzMb99uPidYJoB9ieNblvnxRahdIy+h7TPwSXh4snoPYg4ZGPwYl'


The following hash schemes are supported.

With salt:

  • ssha512 (recommended)
  • ssha384
  • ssha256
  • ssha
  • smd5

Without salt:

  • sha512
  • sha384
  • sha256
  • sha
  • md5


PRs are welcome. Code style is checked via jshint.


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Christoph Hartmann. Licensed under the MIT license.