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A collection of settings and tiny scripts for many things. Note: only master branch is safe!
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daveconfig is a collection of my various settings for different environment

Not everything is contained here; I'm using submodules, so be sure to run this after your clone:

git submodule update --init

Sometimes I change the url for a repo (switching from maintainer to me). Try this to fix git pull errors about shas not being a tree:

git submodule sync

If you are going to modify a submodule, be sure to check out a branch first! (You're on no branch by default.)

Be aware that I use this repo as a way to share my settings between home and work and anywhere else, so not everything is necessarily stable.


I switch a lot between Ubuntu and Windows and I try to keep everything working consistently between them. This repo is generally checked out to ~/data/settings/daveconfig and that path is hardcoded in several places.


Vim is the most active section of this repo. Here are some basics about how I use vim that might help you determine if you'd want to try some of my settings:

  • Visual mode is my counter. I rarely use counts for arguments and I don't find tools like EasyMotion useful. They don't fit with my brain. Instead, I enter visual mode, define the region I want to operate on, and go.
  • I don't use tabs. I use BufExplorer and Ctrlp to navigate between buffers and I don't find having a visual indicator of my current open tabs useful. If I wanted that, I'd open BufExplorer and search the output. I use splits when I am frequently jumping between on multiple files.
  • I write a lot of my own plugins, and I fail at maintaining a stable branch. Eventually, I'll switch everything so my branch is a dev branch that I am occasionally syncing master to.
  • I want my vim to start as fast as possible, so I love autoload (where applicable).


I use bash and like to be in the terminal a lot. I use cygwin on windows.

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