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@@ -12,38 +12,105 @@ This will walk through your multimodule project, finding all those
third-party-licensing.xml files and aggregate them together into a
+If you're attaching this to an execution, use:
-TODO Here's a rough draft.
+$ mvn org.linuxstuff.maven:licensing-maven-plugin:aggregate
+This will only generate a target/aggregated-third-party-licensing.xml in your parent project (without failing your build).
-You have a project called licensing-requirements. It has in it
-DONE List of Licenses You Dislike (end eventually a list of licenses you Like)
-DONE Mapping of Missing Licenses to Artifacts
-DONE Coalesce license names.
-??? Optionally some configuration maybe about how to enforce licensing or something (something misc that may not really be there)
-There's a license plugin. You can run license:check on a project.
+Here's an example licensing requirements XML file:
-DONE Its configuration adds the licensing-requirements as a dependency
-(SORT OF) DONE It finds the files in licensing-requirements through the classpath and uses those
-DONE It generates a third-party-licensing-summary.xml in target/
-NO Could it attach the third-party-licensing to the reactor? -> This makes no sense (since to other projects, this project is simply a dependency (ie, it's a 3rd party))
-DONE It can be configured to fail the build on disliked or missing licenses.
-DONE It's bound to a verify phase.
-There's a license:aggregate sitereport. It walks the reactorProjects (assuming that if A lists B and B lists C that A,B,C all show up):
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-DONE Looks for third-party-licensing-summary.xml files in target/
-DONE Generates an aggregated-third-party-licensing-summary.xml report in target/site
-It should attach that summary to the reactor.
-I guess it could be configured to fail on missing/disliked but I'm not sure that's needed.
+ <!-- Many projects forget to include a <license/> block, so we need to explicitly list them here. -->
+ <missing-licenses>
+ <artifact id="org.springframework:web-mvc:3.0.6">
+ <license>Spring Source License</license>
+ </artifact>
+ </missing-licenses>
-There's a license-report project. It:
+ <!-- Sometimes different people call the same license the same thing, we fix this up here. -->
+ <!-- Note that *we* understand different versions of the same license are effectively different -->
+ <!-- licenses and do not coalesce those together. You may not care though. -->
+ <coalesced-licenses>
+ <license name="GPLv2">
+ <aka>GNU Public License Version 2</aka>
+ <aka>The GNU Public License, Version 2.0</aka>
+ </license>
+ </coalesced-licenses>
-Lists the aggregate-license-summary of the different reactor builds as dependencies.
-Fetches those and puts them in a target/foo/ directory.
-DONE Merges all of those together into one big XML file. --weak
-DONE Generates a PDF using Jasper Reports from that XML file.
-DONE Attaches the PDF as its artifact to be deployed.
+ <!-- Maybe you don't like the GPL, maybe you don't like a particular countries open source license. Here's -->
+ <!-- where you declare which licenses you don't like. Other than AGPL/GPL, open source licenses don't really -->
+ <!-- have an impact on your code, but sometimes people like to exclude the LGPL as the baby in the bathwater. -->
+ <disliked-license>GPLv2</disliked-license>
+ <disliked-license>LGPL</disliked-license>
+ <!-- And with any set of strict rules, there are exceptions. Here we list artifacts that we wish to make -->
+ <!--exempt from failing dislike checks. -->
+ <dislike-exemption>xom:xom:jar:1.0</dislike-exemption>
+Here's an example of how to bind the plugin into your build:
+ <plugin>
+ <groupId>org.linuxstuff.maven</groupId>
+ <artifactId>licensing-maven-plugin</artifactId>
+ <version>1.5-SNAPSHOT</version>
+ <executions>
+ <execution>
+ <id>enforce-licensing</id>
+ <phase>compile</phase>
+ <goals>
+ <goal>check</goal>
+ </goals>
+ <configuration>
+ <failIfDisliked>true</failIfDisliked>
+ <failIfMissing>true</failIfMissing>
+ <licensingRequirementFiles>
+ <!-- You can specify more than one file here. -->
+ <licensingRequirementFile>licensing-requirements.xml</licensingRequirementFile>
+ </licensingRequirementFiles>
+ <!-- You can exclude your own stuff here -->
+ <excludedGroups>org.example</excludedGroups>
+ </configuration>
+ </execution>
+ <execution>
+ <id>generate-licensing-xml</id>
+ <phase>install</phase>
+ <goals>
+ <goal>aggregate</goal>
+ </goals>
+ <configuration>
+ <!-- aggregate goal does not support failIf* configuration like above. -->
+ <licensingRequirementFiles>
+ <licensingRequirementFile>licensing-requirements.xml</licensingRequirementFile>
+ </licensingRequirementFiles>
+ <excludedGroups>org.example</excludedGroups>
+ </configuration>
+ </execution>
+ </executions>
+ <dependencies>
+ <!-- The licensing requirements XML should live in its own separate project to avoid chicken/egg problems. -->
+ <dependency>
+ <groupId>org.linuxstuff.example</groupId>
+ <artifactId>license-requirements</artifactId>
+ <version>1.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
+ </dependency>
+ </dependencies>
+ </plugin>
+TODO attach aggregated-third-party-licensing.xml to be deployed
+TODO format output XML
+TODO make a proper maven site for the plugin

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