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Licensing Maven Plugin
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Getting Started:

$ mvn org.linuxstuff.maven:licensing-maven-plugin:check -DfailIfMissing=false

This will walk through your multimodule project and create
target/third-party-licensing.xml everywhere.

$ mvn org.linuxstuff.maven:licensing-maven-plugin:collect-reports

This will walk through your multimodule project, finding all those
third-party-licensing.xml files and aggregate them together into a

TODO Here's a rough draft.


You have a project called licensing-requirements.  It has in it 
DONE List of Licenses You Dislike (end eventually a list of licenses you Like)
DONE Mapping of Missing Licenses to Artifacts
DONE Coalesce license names.
??? Optionally some configuration maybe about how to enforce licensing or something (something misc that may not really be there)

There's a license plugin.  You can run license:check on a project.

DONE Its configuration adds the licensing-requirements as a dependency
(SORT OF) DONE It finds the files in licensing-requirements through the classpath and uses those
DONE It generates a third-party-licensing-summary.xml in target/
NO Could it attach the third-party-licensing to the reactor? -> This makes no sense (since to other projects, this project is simply a dependency (ie, it's a 3rd party))
DONE It can be configured to fail the build on disliked or missing licenses.
DONE It's bound to a verify phase.
There's a license:aggregate sitereport.  It walks the reactorProjects (assuming that if A lists B and B lists C that A,B,C all show up):

DONE Looks for third-party-licensing-summary.xml files in target/
DONE Generates an aggregated-third-party-licensing-summary.xml report in target/site
It should attach that summary to the reactor.
I guess it could be configured to fail on missing/disliked but I'm not sure that's needed.

There's a license-report project.  It:

Lists the aggregate-license-summary of the different reactor builds as dependencies.
Fetches those and puts them in a target/foo/ directory.
DONE Merges all of those together into one big XML file. --weak
DONE Generates a PDF using Jasper Reports from that XML file.
DONE Attaches the PDF as its artifact to be deployed.
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