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Build a kubernetes home cluster (with Ubuntu 18.04 or Raspbian stretch)
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Build a kubernetes cluster for home network

  • Raspbian on Raspberry Pi Model 3 B/B+s
  • kubernetes v1.14
    • kubeadm for cluster setup, now using RBAC
    • NFS for Storage
    • "external" postgresql database
  • traefik v1.7.x for ingress
    • including Let's Encrypt (TLS certificates)

Apps deployed include:

  • phant - IoT data logging
  • lighttpd - Static webpage server
  • miniflux - RSS Feed aggregator and syncing
    • uses postgres db


  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ : kubernetes master
    • also ssh gateway, apt-cacher-ng (USB thumb drive for its storage), gitolite
  • Two (2) Raspberry Pi Model 3 B : kubernetes workers
  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 B : postgresql DB (USB thumb drive for its storage)

Get it done

Refer to for setting up kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi's, including

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