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Bring up applications on kubernetes

  • traefik - for ingress and load-balancer management
  • phant - IoT server
  • lighthttpd - Static webserving

TBD: monitoring

Run Heapster in a Kubernetes cluster with an InfluxDB backend and a Grafana UI


kubectl label node vader nginx-controller=traefik
kubectl get nodes -o wide --show-labels=true

cd ~/projects/kubernetes-homespun

kubectl apply -f conf/traefik/traefik-rbac.yaml

kubectl --namespace=kube-system create configmap traefik-config \
kubectl --namespace=kube-system get cm

kubectl apply -f conf/traefik/traefik-deployment.yaml

Debugging kubernetes and traefik helpers

kubectl --namespace=kube-system get pods
kubectl --namespace=kube-system get pods | grep traefik
kubectl -n kube-system get services
IP_ADDR=$(ip addr show eno1 | grep -Po 'inet \K[\d.]+')
curl -i ${IP_ADDR}:8081
# 404 page not found

kubectl --namespace=kube-system describe pods \
kubectl --namespace=kube-system logs \

# update config file after changing
kubectl --namespace=kube-system get configmaps
kubectl --namespace=kube-system delete configmaps traefik-config
kubectl --namespace=kube-system create configmap traefik-config \

kubectl --namespace=kube-system get pods | grep traefik
kubectl --namespace=kube-system    logs


kubectl create -f conf/phant/phantserver-pv.yaml
kubectl create -f conf/phant/phantserver-pvc.yaml
kubectl get pv phantserver-persistent-volume
kubectl get pvc phantserver-persistent-claim
kubectl apply -f conf/phant/phantserver-deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f conf/phant/phantserver-service.yaml
kubectl apply -f conf/phant/phantserver-ingress-tls.yaml
kubectl get po,svc,ep,ing
kubectl delete -f conf/phant/phantserver-ingress-tls.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/phant/phantserver-service.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/phant/phantserver-deployment.yaml
kubectl get po,svc,ep,ing

# if needed
kubectl delete -f conf/phant/phantserver-pvc.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/phant/phantserver-pv.yaml

lighttpd static server

kubectl create -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-pv.yaml
kubectl create -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-pvc.yaml
kubectl get pv,pvc -o wide

kubectl apply -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-service.yaml
kubectl apply -f  conf/webstatic/lighttpd-ingress-tls.yaml
kubectl get po,svc,ep,ing -o wide
kubectl delete -f  conf/webstatic/lighttpd-ingress-tls.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-service.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-deployment.yaml
kubectl get po,svc,ep,ing -o wide

kubectl delete -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-pvc.yaml
kubectl delete -f conf/webstatic/lighttpd-pv.yaml
kubectl get pv,pvc -o wide

delete cluster

kubectl delete -f conf/traefik/traefik-deployment.yaml
kubectl get pv,pvc,po,svc,ep,ing -o wide --all-namespaces
kubectl drain vader --delete-local-data --force --ignore-daemonsets
kubectl delete node vader
sudo kubeadm reset


Get a bash shell and look at logs

kubectl exec lighttpd-     -it -- /bin/sh -i
cat /var/log/lighttpd/error.log
tail -f /var/log/lighttpd/access.log
# <Ctrl-C>