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Bicycle and Car iPhone 6 Plus Mount family

I wanted a case + mount for my iPhone 6 Plus on my bicycle. A lot of the models on Thingiverse are for different cases or caseless iPhone dimensions. This model was made to work with the case I use: "Incipio NGP Case for iPhone 6+".

There is included a bike bracket mount and a couple custom cupholder mount designs, along with the .SCAD file used for all of the designs that can be customized.


  1. Maybe try to make customizer(s) for Thingiverse



├── files
│   ├── iPhone_6_and_6_Plus_Mockups.scad
│   └── mount_v6-catch.stl
├── phone_with_incipio_case.scad
├── sleeve_for_iphone_with_incipio_case.stl
├── sleeve_cap.stl
├── bicycle_mount.stl
├── bicycle_mount_catch.stl
├── sleeve_plus_bicycle_mount.stl
├── cupholder_coupler.stl
├── cupholder_cup.stl
├── cupholder_lid.stl
├── cupholder_lid_bracket.stl
├── cupholder2_cup.stl
├── cupholder2_lid.stl
└── cupholder2_lid_bracket.stl




As part of solving this problem, I first used OpenSCAD to model the dimensions on the case. Then I iterated using experimental prints until I got to sizing and access holes I was satisifed with.


Bicycle and Car iPhone 6 Plus Mount family by dpc uploaded to thingiverse

"Remixed" from "iPhone Bike Mount"