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Monitor and display time/temp with RasPi and log to cloud


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Raspberry Pi-powered time and temperature in custom, 3D printed display. With cloud logging.

IMPORTANT: The Raspberry Pi code has been superceded by the follow-on project:

The website with live charts is still found in this repo (in gh-pages branch).

  • This project originally launched in 2013.
  • It includes a sensor that measures indoor temperature and air pressure. It also connects to online APIs to get thermostat readings and outdoor temperatures.
  • It's still in use today.

UPDATED (2020-May-17):

  • Switch API for outdoor temperature and conditions

UPDATED (2018-Jun-09):

More updates described below

Project picture

Wiring Diagrams

Breadboard wiring Schematic wiring

Backside of displays

Hardware References

My scripts

Way back in 2013, used Adafruit python libraries on this Pi when this project was created, on my first ever Raspberry Pi.

Updated in October 2016 to use more recent library versions and overhauled in 2018 to additionally use Nest API (thermostat temperature), Dark Sky API (local outdoor weather), and swap in some other hardware.

Boards and cables from Adafruit



  • Updated to work with latest (version 4.0.1) python-nest module


  • Added Dark Sky and Nest API support for displaying outdoor and other indoor temperatures.


  • Added most recent code and explicit dependencies as git submodules. See


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