Cube-based game controller for Interactive Device Design
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Cube-based game controller for Interactive Device Design.

Designed for the game Kyubi.

Quick Start

  1. Open the cube_control.ino and push the sketch to your microcontroller.
  2. Navigate to the serial_to_key directory. Make sure you have npm installed, and run $ npm install .
  3. Make sure you have a connection to the microcontroller over a serial port. Then run $ node serial_to_key.js to begin listening for serial input from the microcontroller.
  4. Open a web browser and navigate to the Kyubi Game. Have fun playing! Controls are as follows: Control Action Native Key
Jolt Left Move black square left Left
Jolt Right Move black square right Right
Jolt Up Move black square up Up
Jolt Down Move black square down Down
Turn Forward Change perspective forward W
Turn Backward Change perspective backward S
Turn Leftways Change perspective left A
Turn Rightways Change perspective right D

Software Implementation

To do...

Hardware Implementation

To do...