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Stories for Visual Studio Code

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Stories: a cool way of sharing code snippets with other developers.

Getting Started

You can download Stories from the VSCode Marketplace.

or search stories in your VSCode Extensions

Once you have it, you should see stories in VSCode similar to this:

stories UI

2-Step Process to Create your own story

Step One

  • You can click the Stories Icon button or open up the panel to access the stories.
  • Once you have that open up, click on anyone's profile picture, and you'll be shown a snippet of their code of what they're currently working on, thus Stories!

stories view

Step Two

  • To upload your own story, click the Create Story button on the bottom right.

stories upload

And voila, you published your very own VSCode Story!

For Enthusiastic Contributors

  • Discord Join Now! drawing

  • If you are an enthusiastic open-source contributor, do read the guidelines before your PRs.

  • All contributing guidelines are available (at)

  • Other documentations related to troubleshooting is here

Other code: