Debate Hub is a tool for online communities to: raise issues; share ideas; debate the pros and cons; and prioritise contributions in order to collectively organise and progress good ideas forward.
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Debate Hub - Release 1.0

The Debate Hub is a new kind of website for your community to debate issues.


The 'docs' folder has the Debate Hub documentation which includes instructions for setting up a hub (index.html). 
The 'src/install' folder has the sql for adding the required tables for the database (utf8 Database please) and the 
script for adding the default data to those tables.

Start by surfing to 'docs/index.html' and read the notes.


Debate Hub is Copyright (c) 2015, The Open University.

This software is freely distributed in accordance with                      
the GNU Lesser General Public (LGPL) license, version 3 or later           
as published by the Free Software Foundation.                            
For details see LGPL: <>    
                and GPL: <>