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This is a command line application, which can convert any SDF file into JSON and a folder with images.

The page is a static one, with some jQuery scripts and a bit of styling. The entire directory structure can be hosted at any HTTP server.


   mvn clean package

Look for target\molbrowser-jar-with-dependencies.jar


java -jar molbrowser-jar-with-dependencies.jar
File not assigned! Use -f command line option.
usage: net.idea.ambit.molbrowser.MainApp
 -f,--file <file>       Input file name ( .sdf | .txt  | .csv | .cml ) -
                        recognised by extension!
 -h,--help              Molbrowser
 -o,--output <output>   Output folder

Running the application will generate mol.json and /images folder with structure diagrams as .png files. The newly generated files have to be combined with the static content and copied to a server of choice.



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