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UK Address Finder & Postcode Lookup Magento Extension
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UK Address Search and Validation Magento Extension

UK Address Search and Validation Magento Extension

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This extension enables address validation for UK addresses on a magento store

Get in contact if you need assistance or have questions. Raise an issue for bugs or feature requests


  • Adds UK address validation to address forms:
    • User billing address
    • User shipping address
    • User address book
  • Allows for following address selection mode:
  • Address search and validation enabled for countries covered by Postcode Address File
  • Hides address search for non-UK territories
  • API Key and other configuration scoped by website, store or view
  • Asynchronously performs checks if key is active and usable
    • Checks if your API Key is currently usable before presenting your users with address search fields
    • Prevents errors from occuring if your key runs out of balance or is accidentally misconfigured
  • Option hoists country selection above address fields
  • Option populate Company name based on address
  • Option populate county field
  • Administration Page
    • Insert API Key credentials



This extension can be retrieved using the following methods:

Once the extension is copied, you will need to:

  1. Run the final install steps to activate the module on your Magento store
  2. Configure your API Key and settings to enable UK address search on your checkout


Install via composer with

composer require idealpostcodes/module-ukaddresssearch


This repository needs to be loaded into your Magento directory. The following directory needs to be present in your Magento codebase app/code/Idealpostcodes/Ukaddressessearch

Inside of app/code/Idealpostcodes/Ukaddressessearch you can retrieve the extension by

  • Download and untar from our releases page
  • Git clone this project git clone --depth=1
  • Git clone a specific version git clone --branch <tag> -depth=1 where <tag> is the specific release (e.g. 1.0.2)

Magento Connect

Currently not available

Final Install Steps

You may enable and install this extension using the Magento CLI with the following commands:

magento module:enable Idealpostcodes_Ukaddresssearch
magento setup:upgrade
magento setup:di:compile
magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

After installation is complete you will need to apply your API Key in the configuration step.


Apply your API Key via the Configuration dashboard.

You can find this on your administration page under Stores Menu -> Configuration -> Services Tab -> Ideal Postcodes.


Run Locally

If you have docker and make installed, you can run and test this extension locally on a clean magento install with a single command:

make bootstrap

This will build a new magento store on a docker image with this extension mounted, launch required services (i.e. MariaDB) with docker-compose and execute the necessary steps to bootstrap magento and initialise the extension. The Magento store will be served on localhost:3000. You can access the administration page via http://localhost:3000/admin with user name admin and password foobar21.

The Makefile contains a number of helper methods to launch and bootstrap Magento container with extension. To see current list of methods, run make.


Postcode Lookup Address Autocomplete Configuration



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