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Demo for running services in Kubernetes.
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demo for running services in Kubernetes.


  1. install kubectl and helm, run helm init to init both server (install tiller) and client.

  2. Optional: build and push Docker images (if you need) under mysql/master, mysql/slave, archlinux-php, backend-service, backend-www. If you build and push images yourself, you need to change container image in the corresponding yaml files.

  3. Deploy MySQL master:

kubectl apply -f mysql/master/mysql-master-local.yaml
  1. Deploy MySQL slave:
kubectl apply -f mysql/slave/mysql-slave-local.yaml
  1. Deploy consul:

Change and server.storageClass to fit your requirement.

git submodule update --init
cd consul/consul-helm && helm install --name consul --set,server.storageClass=alicloud-disk-ssd ./
  1. Deploy backend-service, which provides jsonrpc service for backend-www:
kubectl apply -f backend-service/backend-service.yaml
  1. Deploy backend-www, which calls backend-service and provides HTTP web access:
kubectl apply -f backend-www/backend-www.yaml
  1. Test if all are ok:
# get backend-www's EXTERNAL-IP
kubectl get svc

# If you have EXTERNAL-IP
curl -i -XPOST "EXTERNAL-IP/user?name=fatcat"

# If you have no EXTERNAL-IP
# Change xxxx to your Pod name
kubectl exec backend-www-xxxx -- curl -i -XPOST "backend-www/user?name=fatcat"

# Check fatcat_db.user table in mysql master or slave if data inserted
  1. Maybe the most exciting features of Kubernetes:
# scaling
kubectl scale --replicas 6 deployment/backend-service
kubectl scale --replicas 6 deployment/backend-www
kubectl scale --replicas 4 deployment/mysql-slave

# autoscaler
kubectl autoscale deployment/backend-service --min=2 --max=20 --cpu-percent=50

# graceful upgrading
kubectl set image deployment/backend-service backend-service=ideal/backend-service:0.0.1

# graceful restarting
kubectl rollout restart deployment/backend-www


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