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Pinned repositories

  1. image-quality-assessment

    Convolutional Neural Networks to predict the aesthetic and technical quality of images.

    Python 191 43

  2. nvidia-docker-keras

    Workflow that shows how to train neural networks on EC2 instances with GPU support and compares training times to CPUs

    Python 35 13

  3. mongodb-slow-operations-profiler

    This java web application collects slow operations from a mongoDB system in order to visualize and analyze them.

    Java 37 5

  4. jenkins-ci

    Minimal example to setup a Jenkins-CI pipeline for data science projects on OpenShift in a couple of minutes.

    Dockerfile 18 9

  5. logback-redis

    Logback Redis Appender with Pipeline-Support for maximum throughput

    Java 16 7

  6. image-super-resolution

    Keras implementation of the Residual Dense Network for super scaling images.

    Python 151 22