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A simple Tropo script and Sinatra application which records a podcast over the phone and then posts the mp3 to Posterous


For the server: clone this repo, copy example_posterous.yaml to posterous.yaml and edit as shown below. Push to Heroku.

For the telephony part: upload tropo.rb to Tropo, and change the URL to point to your server.


Edit posterous.yaml as shown below:

    password: mysecretpassword
    site_id: posterous_site_id

where posterous_site_id can be found by executing:

curl -u


  1. Phone the number provide by Tropo
  2. Listen to the prompt and enter your 4 digit PIN code
  3. When prompted, record your podcast and press # to post
  4. Tropo will send the mp3 file to your Sinatra app, which will send it to Posterous, which can autobroadcast it to the world!