Fix a crash when root view controller have to be defined by developer using setRootViewController #129

wants to merge 87 commits into
rs commented Nov 22, 2010

This bug was introduced by 0e3dd3e

To reproduce, just use the library in a way it can't determine the root view controller by itself and set it using advised [[SHK currentHelper] setRootViewController:...]; then use a service which require more than one modal view (i.e.: unlogged twitter in xauth mode).

and others added some commits Jul 6, 2010
@ideashower initial commit dd1e629
@ideashower Revising README for clarity 812fe20
@ideashower README typo d37fe7b
Sean Murphy Modified SHKRequest to interpret a 201 HTTP status code (Created) as …
Sean Murphy Added Instapaper sharer 9c60e46
@ideashower Merge branch 'master' of 1513111
@ideashower Cleaned up SHKInstapaper, Modified SHKSharer to support services with…
… optional passwords
Jamie Pinkham created tumblr sharer 5a8c40d
@ideashower reverting changes from SHKConfig made by fork fc9d54e
@ideashower removing user pbx files from example project dcb84c3
@ideashower New Configuration Options:
- Debug switch
- ModalPresentationStyle (for iPad apps)
- ModalTransitionStyle (for iPad apps)

New Features:
- Logout of all services +[SHK logoutOfAll]
- Logout of specific service +[SHK logoutOfService:serviceId]

Critical Fixes:
- Delicious token expiring after 1 hour
- could return domains causing shortened url to be rejected

Minor Improvements:
- SHKActionSheet tried to act on indexes less than 0
- Cancelling OAuth login no longer prompts 'user cancelled' error message

Other bug fixes
@ideashower last minute cleanups before releasing 0.1.5 b7baddd
@ideashower - Fixed logout on device
- Fixed facebook logout
- Added additional comments for setting up twitter
- Added sanity check to catch pin based auth with twitter
- Version 0.1.6 - release going to website
@ideashower fixed test case in example project 1a6b59c
@ideashower Cleanup 5a66c85
@steipete steipete full localization support for ShareKit. Added german.
You can add your own language by simply adding your lang in ShareKit.bundle.

You have to include ShareKit.bundle now in your project
@steipete steipete completed german localization 2f9da86
@steipete steipete add localization for twitter a8785b8
@steipete steipete BUGFIX: filter out sharers that can't share, thus create no button bu…
…t were evaluated on clickedButtonAtIndex. This produced a black screen when no mail client was setup, mail was a favorite and the user pressed "more".
@steipete steipete fix: add single sharer, not class 8081db8
@ideashower New:
- SHKPhotoAlbum: Save images to photo album action
- Facebook accepts text sharing

- SHKItem now carries over full item when sharing
- Crash when saving items offline that did not contain custom variables
- Modal popups would not go away when using pagesheet modal type on iPad
- Editing sharers now affects actionsheet choices
- Race condition in SHKShareMenu

- Improved display of SHKTwitterForm on iPad
- Facebook uses text variable when sharing urls to repopulate status message
- SHKMail now uses up to date template, improved handling of text when it's available in SHKItem
- Updated SHKActionSheet to not override delegate, now you can assign your own delegate

Code Refactoring:
- Renamed SHLocalizedString to use proper SHK prefix
- Updated SHKLocalizedString to work like stringWithFormat
- Removed/Combined some localization strings
@ideashower Version 0.2.0
-SHKTwitter: Don't attempt to shorten while offline
-SHKTwitter: Crash on @"Follow %@" format string
-SHKEmail: Added 'Sent with ...'
-SHKDelicious: Titles were double encoded
-SHK: SHKStringOrBlank function

-Updated FBConnect to version 1.3.0
Victor Add on/off for alphabetical ordering items in ShareMenu bb42f4c
Victor Fix crash due to asking for session for AutoShare when the Sharer is …
…set to NO for AutoShare
Victor Username/password texfield should not have autocorrection and autocap…
Victor fix: UIImageJPEGRepresentation specification takes in compression rat…
…io from 0.0 to 1.0
@steipete steipete add localization for example document 0f878ea
@steipete steipete fixed localization in ShareKit example code e505e4d
@innopage innopage SHKTwitter : added image sharing for 8fd4ecc
@adamawolf adamawolf fixing crash caused by malformed error message formatting in case of …
…oauth authentication failure
@innopage innopage Fix OAMutableURLRequest bugs with parameters b9fb96a
@innopage innopage Fix UIImageJPEGRepresentation only takes in compression ratio from 0.…
…0 to 1.0
@adamawolf adamawolf BUGFIX: in facebook if you login->logout->log back in, the post windo…
…w doesn't appear the second time
Bryan Bonczek Added session proxy support for Facebook Connect. 1b407d8
Bryan Bonczek Modified Facebook logout code to work with session proxying. f084a13
@innopage innopage Better Error handling for image upload 4ffde13
@innopage innopage Fix bug on image upload url checking 83d0c56
@ideashower - New: Option to disable 'shared with …' email signature
- New: Added 'logout' button example to project

- Improved: Moved translations into file structure that is easier to view in github

- Fixed: Translations not being applied
- Fixed: C++ compile error because of 'new' in SHKSwizzle
- Fixed: Twitter message dialog appearing blank
- Fixed: Twitter failed to login with special characters (%&,etc) in password
- Fixed: OAuth logout now flushes cookies from domain too
- Fixed: Twitter dialog does not display 'ALREADY_A_BITLY_LINK' from response
- Fixed: SHKMail now listens to SHKModalTransitionStyle
- Fixed: SHKMail signature not localized
- Fixed: Problems in devices without email configured
- Fixed: Issue where SHKActionSheet could respond to the incorrect choice
- Fixed: Removed auto-correction form login form fields
@ideashower cleanup 095b2c9
@ideashower - Fixed: Offline sharing of images and files a41fde8
@ideashower Missed SHKSwizzle header update bc26043
@ideashower Reverted objc-class import line 7f35b4e
Atsushi Nagase in progress 1c13c62
@ngs ngs in progress b136deb
@ngs ngs SHKEvernote 0d959bb
@ngs ngs Clip shorten URLs to Evernote / Copy/ Mail 0aeea56
@ngs ngs Define should attach shorten URLs to Emails or Pasteboard with constants 13c16e0
@ngs ngs Added document 5860033
@ngs ngs dded document 0ab15b4
@ngs ngs Merge branch 'master' of 4b1563c
@ngs ngs Merge branch 'master' of c2fcd98
@ngs ngs Added document 5b288a5
@ngs ngs Merge branch 'master' of 4adb065
@ngs ngs Forgot to set note property. 71208ad
@ngs ngs forgot using NSAutoreleasePool in subthread method 9720e2f
@esti esti Added translation to Basque language 40130d6
@wbroek wbroek Added dutch translation 34f7f3b
@ideashower Merge branch 'master' of into ngs-master 0adb417
Benjamin Jackson Fixed memory leaks in OAuth helper classes. facf8eb
Benjamin Jackson Fixed crash when clicking "More" after the original rootViewControlle…
…r had been released (it's never retained by the library).
@luosheng luosheng Made some strings localizable. b04d238
@luosheng luosheng Added localization strings for Simplified Chinese. f8fab1f
@ideashower Merge branch 'master' of 6ea78b0
@ideashower proj 81ffd1f
@quanganhdo quanganhdo Add Vietnamese localization e447d47
AxFree Added translation to Korean language. 7f34144
AxFree Added some strings for localization. 35aca82
@maarek maarek Added text message capabilities for SMS messages.
Share Text Message through Text button to launch
Messages on iOS4 only.
@jamiebriant jamiebriant Fixed warnings so we can compile with warnings as
@jamiebriant jamiebriant Updated gitignore bfc9c9a
@jamiebriant jamiebriant Fixed warning 1bc8b48
Frederik Seiffert Fixed unreleased views. b0b8a5d
Frederik Seiffert Fixed empty view when no mail account is registered. fff40a5
@treelinelabs treelinelabs Atomic synthesized setters can't be pairer with implemented getters 7bfd9f0
@treelinelabs treelinelabs Use the instance, not the class, as the delegate ca11f25
@ideashower - Added French Localization
- Cleaned up Evernote Sharer
- Added error handling to Evernote Sharer
- Fixed bug where Mail would not dimiss after opening address book
- Fixed cancelation notification not sending for Twitter
- Updated obj-class import
- Fixed logic error missing attachments when body is set
- Fixed mail showing empty view when mail is not configured
- Cleaned up text message sharer
@ideashower Merge branch 'master' of
	Classes/ShareKit/Core/Base Sharer Classes/SHKSharer.m
	Classes/ShareKit/Sharers/Actions/Text Message/SHKTextMessage.m
@ideashower Fixing merge issues 75dce48
@ideashower Removing files that were moved e3642d9
@rs rs Fix a crash when root view controller have to be defined by developer…
… using setRootViewController
@rs rs Add support for 'caption' and 'description' fields in Facebook URL sh…
…aring using SHKItem custom values
@rs rs Add auto-detection of Dailymotion video links when sharing on Faceboo…
…k and generate an embed player attachement
@rs rs Add dailymotion video link detection to tumblr service and add embed …
…player to the post with the ability to append some text bellow it
@rs rs Fix static analyser warnings 3f016b4
@rs rs Encode capture and description for Facebook service 1c85119
@rs rs Fix some more static analyzer warnings 1d7516d
@rs rs Fix twice released object 8a7f1da

FYI, this should be self.currentView = nil because this is a retained property. Not using self. will cause this to be leaked.


thank you very much.. that's helpful to me. and return the hope to me;

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