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PLanetary Atmospheric Transmission for Observer Noobs

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April 18, 2020: PLATON v5.1 corresponds most closely to the version described in our second PLATON paper (

February 2, 2020: PLEASE re-clone your repository if you cloned it before this date! On this date, all data files were deleted from the repository, including from its history. This shrank the repository's size from 1.2 GB to 36 MB, which respects GitHub's size limit.

November 29, 2018: PLATON v3.0 is out! Please check the release notes on GitHub for the list of new features. Our paper actually describes v2.1, but v3 has a substantial number of improvements, and we strongly recommend everyone use it.

NEW (October 1): Version 2 is out, with a huge number of changes! Make sure to check out the release notes, and upgrade.

PLATON is a fast and easy to use forward modelling and retrieval tool for exoplanet atmospheres. It was written by Michael Zhang and Yayaati Chachan, and is based on ExoTransmit by Eliza Kempton.

We welcome any feedback. Please send any comments, suggestions, or bug reports to Michael Zhang: zmzhang "at" ** To find installation instructions and quickstart examples, read the documentation at:

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