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Ideato automation and deploy tool - ALPHA release - things can catch fire in any moment!

Idephix - Automation and Deploy tool

Idephix is a PHP tool for building automated scripts

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Installation / Usage

  1. Download the idephix.phar executable.

    $ curl > idephix.phar
  2. Create a idxfile.php in the root directory of you project. Define your tasks.

    use Idephix\Idephix;
    $targets = array(
        'test' => array(
            'hosts' => array(''),
            'ssh_params' => array('user' => 'kea')
    $idx = new Idephix($targets);
         * Execute the touch of a file specified in input
         * @param string $name the name of the file to be touch-ed
         * @param bool   $go   if not specified the script execute a dry-run
           function ($name, $go = false) use ($idx) {
             $idx->local('touch /tmp/'.$name);
             $idx->remote('touch /tmp/'.$name.'_remote');
  3. Run Idephix: php idephix.phar --env=test idephix:test-params Nome_file

Global installation of Idephix

You can choose to install idephix wherever you prefer. Idephix use the configuration file in the current path.

  1. Go to a PATH directory, e.g. cd /usr/local/bin
  2. Get Idephix:curl > idephix.phar
  3. Make the phar executable chmod a+x idephix.phar
  4. Go to a project directory, e.g. cd /path/to/my/project
  5. Define your tasks in the idxfile.php file
  6. Just invoke the binary idephix.phar
  7. You can optionally rename the idephix.phar to idx to make it easy to use


PHP 5.3.2 or above, >=5.3.12 recommended



Idephix is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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