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Getting Started


You can install Idephix in several ways:

As a phar (Recommended)

You can download the phar directly from

$ curl -LSs > idephix.phar
$ chmod a+x idephix.phar

We recommend you to download the phar and put it under version control with your project, so you can have the best control over used version and you'll be sure to avoid dependencies conflicts with your project.

As a composer dependency

$ composer require ideato/idephix --dev

Globally using homebrew

$ brew tap ideatosrl/php
$ brew install idephix

Basic Usage

Idephix is a tool for running tasks. As a developer your main focus will be on writing tasks (as php functions) inside a file called idxfile.php. You will also need to specify some configurations inside a file called idxrc.php.

Fortunately you won't need to create those files manually, Idephix can generate them for you.

$ idx initFile

This will generate an idxfile.php and a idxrc.php file that you can use as a boiler plate for your automated tasks.

Basically Idephix is a tool for running tasks either remote or local. Remote tasks can be run against a chosen environment connecting to it through ssh (see :ref:`idx_config` for more information on ssh connection and environments).

Local tasks are run on the local host without any need to establish an ssh connection.