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   Getting Started <getting_started>
   Configuration <configuration>
   Writing tasks <writing_tasks>
   Extending Idephix <writing_extensions>
   Cookbook <cookbook>
   Migrating your idxfile <migrating_idx_file>

Welcome to Idephix's documentation!

Idephix is a PHP automation tool useful to perform remote and local tasks. It can be used to deploy applications, rotate logs, synchronize data repository across server or create a build system. The choice is up to you. Idephix is still in alpha, so things will change. You can report issues and submit PRs (greatly appreciated :-)) on the github repo

Basically what you're going to do is define a bunch of function in a php file and execute them from the command line.

* This command will yell at you
* @param string $what What you want to yell
function yell(\Idephix\Context $context, $what = 'foo')
$ bin/idx yell "say my name"


PHP 5.3.2 or above, at least 5.3.12 recommended


Manuel 'Kea' Baldassarri, Michele 'Orso' Orselli, Filippo De Santis and other contributors


Idephix is mantained by ideato, licensed under the MIT License.