Moteino based wireless control of pan/tilt camera head and zoom/focus/iris motors.
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Moteino based wireless control of (1) camera pan/tilt head and (2) zoom/focus/iris motor control via follow focus emulation.


wireless-camera-control is a Moteino based standalone wireless controller for multiple pan/tilt heads based on the popular Bescor MP-101, along with provisions for controlling up to three geared motors for the implementation of zoom, follow focus and iris.


  1. Moteino [USB preferred, but either would do] + RFM69 receiver
  2. Bescor MP-101 pan/tilt head
  3. EasyDriver stepper motor driver
  4. SparkFun Motor Driver TB6612FNG
  5. NEMA 14/16 stepper motors


  1. Felix at LowPowerLab, for a great development platform.
  2. B. Stott at the LowPowerLab forums, for the inspiration and the streamlined code examples.
  3. Protechy, for the initial breakdown of the Bescor head, pinout diagrams and initial directions on PWM.


Rough PTZ + Focus control completed - next in line is finer speed control, integration of limit stops for various lenses and integrated zoom/focus routines.


wireless-camera-control is licensed under the GPL version 3+.