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πŸ†” Map editing made easy
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πŸ†” Map editing made easy

What is it?

This project contains code for processing and editing map data. Our goal is to provide a shared foundation upon which developers can build map editors, data processors, validators, and other innovative tools.

Much of the code was spun out of the OpenStreetMap iD editor project.


This project is just getting started! 🌱

We're not able to support external contributors at this time, but check back in a bit when things have matured.



Module Description
@id-sdk/extent πŸ“¦ Extent class for creating bounding boxes
@id-sdk/geo 🌐 Geographic (spherical) math functions
@id-sdk/geom πŸ“ˆ Geometric (planar) math functions
@id-sdk/projection πŸ“½ Projection class for converting between Lon/Lat (Ξ»,Ο†) and Cartesian (x,y) coordinates
@id-sdk/tiler πŸ€„οΈ Tiler class for splitting the world into rectangular tiles
@id-sdk/vector πŸ“ Vector (coordinate) math functions
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