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CyNetShare User Guide


CyNetShare is a very simple web application to share Cytoscape generated network visualizations as interactive web-based views. The only requirement to share your network visualizations is upload the files in public location (Dropbox public folder, your own web server, etc.).

If you have any problems, please note them in this web site's issue tracker.

How to Use

Share Single Network File

Prepare your data (Cytoscape 3.1 or later)

  1. Visualize your networks in Cytoscape
  2. Select the network you want to export
  3. Select File-->Export-->Network...
  4. Save your network as Cytoscape.js JSON file (.cyjs)
  5. (Optional) Export your custom Visual Style file as JSON (File-->Export-->Style...)
  6. Put your files in public locations (e.g. Dropbox shared folder)
  7. Copy the file URL

Share Your Network

  1. Open CyNetShare project web site
  2. Paste the network file URL to the Graph URL text box
  3. (Optional) Paste the location of your custom Style JSON file
  4. Press Visualize button

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