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Code for Randomly Projected Additive Gaussian Processes
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Randomly Projected Additive GPs git repo

This repo contains implementations and experiment code for the paper Randomly Projected Additive Gaussian Processes for Regression


  • Python > 3.0
  • GPyTorch >= 1.0
  • PyKeOps >= 1.2


  • Template configuration file for dataset file locations, etc. Rename to and replace with your file configurations. UCI datasets referenced in the experiments may be downloaded here.
  • Command-line endpoint used for running batches of experiments.
  • A simple script for running synthetic experiments.
  • Generating (random) projection matrices, including a routine for generating diversified projection matrices (useed in DPA-GP).
  • A collection of routines used to construct, train, and test GPs in this project.
  • a suite of unit tests.
  • Utilities that are reused and don't live in a particular section of the project.


  • gp_models: Encapsulates the model (and kernel) definitions for kernels and models used.
  • fitting: Encapsulates methods for learning. Currently, only optimization-based methods are available, as opposed to, e.g., sampling.


  • model_specs: Model specification .json files. These are used to store and re-use the configuration of models.
  • run_scripts: Re-used/example command-line calls to

UCI Data Sets

To download the UCI data sets used for benchmarks, download them from Andrew Gordon Wilson's home page. See for details on how these files are expected to be organized in accordance with your configurations.

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