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  • This repository contains a library of circuit templates.
  • All files are copyrighted under 2018 0KIMS association and part of the free software circom (Zero Knowledge Circuit Compiler).
  • You can read more about the circom language in the circom documentation webpage.


This respository contains 5 folders:

  • circuits: it contains the implementation of different cryptographic primitives in circom language.
  • calcpedersenbases: set of functions in JavaScript used to find a set of points in Baby Jubjub elliptic curve that serve as basis for the Pedersen Hash.
  • doc: it contains some circuit schemes in ASCII (must be opened with Monodraw, an ASCII art editor for Mac).
  • src: it contains similar implementation of circuits in JavaScript.
  • test: tests.

A description of the specific circuit templates for the circuit folder will be soon updated.