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Blockchain-based identity management solution including privacy by design with zkSNARKs

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Identity protocol

Prove your access rights, not your identity

iden3 is a next-generation private access control based on self-sovereign identity, designed for decentralised and trust-minimised environments.

Privacy for all

Everyone has the right to liberty and equality, the right freely to participate in their community, and the right to privacy.

The aim of the iden3 protocol is to empower people and create a more inclusive and egalitarian foundation for better human relationships through open-source cryptography and decentralised technologies.


  1. go-iden3-core go-iden3-core Public

    Go core implementation of the iden3 system

    Go 84 34

  2. circom circom Public

    zkSnark circuit compiler

    WebAssembly 1.1k 195

  3. snarkjs snarkjs Public

    zkSNARK implementation in JavaScript & WASM

    JavaScript 1.6k 371

  4. circomlib circomlib Public

    Library of basic circuits for circom

    JavaScript 544 198

  5. wasmsnark wasmsnark Public

    A fast zkSnark proof generator written in native Web Assembly.

    JavaScript 197 102

  6. contracts contracts Public

    IDEN3 smartcontracts

    TypeScript 70 17


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