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Welcome to iDenfy Documentation

This documentation is not updating anymore! iDenfy new documentation is here

Getting started

In order for you to start using our API you will need two things – API key and API secret. Both can be retrieved by contacting iDenfy support or iDenfy sales team. Emails are given below:

Technical question can be asked by contacting iDenfy technical support Email are given below:

Also, you can visit and fill up the form. Our team will contact you.

Understanding the platform

Our platform has many features - it is best for you to know them all and cherry-pick what is most suitable for you.

Firstly, visit our complete features list to better know what features are available:
Complete features list.

Secondly, visit our FAQs list and read most common questions to better understand how various features play together and what are the most common issues for other businesses:

Before going to integration part we recommend You to read about differences between environments


Integration steps

Firstly, generate an identification token. A token is used to identify your client with our services.

Secondly, redirect a client to our web or mobile platforms, or submit the documents directly.

Thirdly (optional), register a webhook endpoint where your API will receive identification results.

(Additional) Your API can request data if data was not received or was not saved.

Interface customization

Additional services

Fraud services check people against global databases for PEP, Sanctions, negative news, lost and invalid document registries.

Create video call token and retrieve photos and video captured during video call.





A documentation of various iDenfy API services



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