6 Make URIs clear and findable

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Rule 6: Make URIs clear and findable

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Make URIs obvious to users, especially where these differ from access URLs or application pages. For instance, at the record-level, advertise the permanent link together with a statement about persistence.

For instance

The permanent link to this page, which will not change with the next release of Ensembl is: http://Jul2015.archive.ensembl.org/Mus_musculus/Gene/Summary?g=ENSMUSG00000033577;r=9:80165031-80311729;redirect=no We aim to maintain all archives for at least two years; some key releases may be maintained for longer

For archived records that are out of date, make this clear to the user and provide a link to the updated version (see http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P12345.1, for instance). Although it is good practice for each database website to include general citation guidance for users, it is ideal to provide a Cite this button at the level of each record.