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drop table if exists user;
create table user
user_id integer primary key autoincrement,
username string not null unique,
email string not null,
pw_hash string not null
drop table if exists prefs;
create table prefs
user_id integer not null,
new_window boolean default 1
drop table if exists feed;
create table feed
feed_id integer primary key autoincrement,
url string not null,
rss string not null unique,
added integer,
rebuilt integer,
modified integer,
etag string
drop table if exists bookmark;
create table bookmark
bookmark_id integer primary key autoincrement,
user_id integer not null,
feed_id integer not null,
title string not null,
created integer,
stale boolean,
unique (user_id, feed_id)
drop table if exists tag;
create table tag
bookmark_id integer not null,
tag string not null,
unique (bookmark_id, tag)
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