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  1. cdsdashboards cdsdashboards Public

    JupyterHub extension for ContainDS Dashboards

    Python 199 38

  2. jupyter-innotater jupyter-innotater Public

    Inline data annotator for Jupyter notebooks

    Python 176 20

  3. nb2xls nb2xls Public

    Convert Jupyter notebook to Excel spreadsheet

    Jupyter Notebook 156 30

  4. streamlit-launchpad streamlit-launchpad Public

    Browse a folder containing multiple streamlit apps and launch them immediately

    Python 121 23

  5. jhsingle-native-proxy jhsingle-native-proxy Public

    Wrap an arbitrary webapp so it can be used in place of jupyter-singleuser in a JupyterHub setting

    Python 58 26

  6. jupyter-containds jupyter-containds Public

    Companion Jupyter extension for ContainDS Dashboards

    TypeScript 8 3


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