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Sample java web application with jersey and custom gson serialiation/deserialization to displays a list of users in a Datatables table. The application retrieves the users via Datatables ajax. User edits are submitted to the server and successful response is applied to the local data set in the browser. Long cell text will be truncated with an ellipsis.

Users can be added via a Bootstrap Modal dialog. Users are kept in memory and are not persisted.

The application tests demonstrate the use of Selenium automation for the addition of users and the use of jersey-client with gson.

The application can be run from the command line via:

mvn jetty:run

Maven is configured to autostart/autostop jetty for tests. Please halt any "mvn jetty:run" invocations before running the tests via:

mvn test

If you prefer Google Chrome, then install the ChromeDriver and:

mvn test -Dbrowser=chrome

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