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📚 Guest Message 📚

What 😕

A guest book is the perfect way to remember the people you shared your special day with. However, not everyone is always able to make it to the big day. Guest Message is a beautiful online guestbook which allows you to overcome this barrier.

Why 👇

When I got married💑, a lot of key people (mostly from my wife's side) were't able to make it to our special day.

At that time, I thought about putting together a quick side project which would allow them to drop us their wishes. Priorities changed & I was never able to follow through with this idea. 😞

Some time later, I was reading about Meteor.js & React. I really wanted to work on something using both of these awesome frameworks! 🎉


Guest Message lives on Heroku. Checkout the demo 👉👉 here 👈👈

Heroku dyno loves to nap. Give him some time on initial load to wake up

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