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Keep Administration Trivial !
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KAT (Keep Administration Trivial)

Currently in development - v1.1.0 Released

How to use

  • Prerequisites :

    • JAVA SDK 1.8.0_144
    • Apache Maven 3.3.3
    • Node.js 8.9.4 or higher
    • Sonatype Nexus OSS 3.x
  • To compile :

    • mvn clean install in kat root directory
  • To deloy :

    • KAT has two types of components: KATEXEC and KATADMIN. Both run on an Apache Karaf 4.1.5 server in current version.
    • To download Apache Karaf, please go to and choose your flavor, KAT is meant to perform even well on Windows or Linux systems
    • Extract downloaded Karaf binaries on your disk, to start the server, go to your ${karaf.home}/bin folder and execute ./karaf (Linux) or karaf.bat (Windows) command to start server
    • You first have to install necessary feature repositories. To do this, issue following commands :
      • repo-add
      • repo-add mvn:org.apache.karaf.decanter/apache-karaf-decanter/2.0.0/xml/features
      • repo-add mvn:org.apache.karaf.cave/apache-karaf-cave/4.1.0/xml/features
    • For a KATADMIN server, you have to install following features :
      • feature:install katbackend
      • feature:install katfrontend
      • feature:install elasticsearch
      • feature:install kibana
      • feature:install cave-deployer
    • For a KATEXEC server, you have to install following features :
      • feature:install katexec
      • feature:install katjobmanager
      • feature:install cave-deployer
      • feature:install decanter-collector-log
      • feature:install decanter-appender-elasticsearch-jest
  • Basic configuration :

    • In directory ${karaf.etc} of each KATEXEC server, create a new directory called katexec
    • For every KAT server, replace the original ${karaf.etc}/ file by the one provided in config directory
    • If running different KAT servers on a local machine, you will probably have to reconfigure used ports for each running KAT instance. To do so:
      • Edit the ${karaf.etc}/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg file
      • Change the line org.osgi.service.http.port=8181 with desired port number
      • Save your changes
    • For every KAT server, you can rename the karaf in ${karaf.etc}/ file ( value)
    • You can change your nexus parameters in the file ${karaf.etc}/ of your KATADMIN server and the files ${karaf.etc}/ of your KATEXEC server
  • Advanced configuration :

    • Coming SOON with user manual, stay tuned!

At this point, you're all set for a basic KAT experience! Many thanks for using IDFOR KAT.

The KAT Team

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